Good Morning! Todays message is of Powerful Fo…

Good Morning! Todays
message is of Powerful Focus, Manifested Success, Equitable Partnership

The perfect message for
this time of the New Moon…
Tarot of the Day: Three of Wands

If you can invest your full
creativity and resourcefulness, this Three brings good news of success and
fresh starts. Whether you desire a better career, increased income, a new mate,
or something else, this is an indicator that the time is perfect for you to
manifest that desire.

New associations, new
information, and a changing viewpoint are all possible contributors to your
success. Release any fear of change to ensure you don’t block the results you
are working for. The fullness of your success will not be immediate so patience
as well as trust in your vision and effort is key, now.

At work, whether you are a
stay at home parent, a single service provider, or work in a company of
hundreds, be proud of what you are bringing to the table. Your colleagues and
the decision makers have noticed your efforts and wish to reward them. So does
the Universe, so take heart.

In love, this card
reminds you to only hold onto and invest in the partnership that is equitable.
If the relationship is not all it needs to be for you then let it go and seek a
partnership that is equal and respectful.

If you are looking
for a relationship and cannot seem to find one, look at your work schedule, the
stress you carry about your job, and consider where you might make a change
that will allow a new partner in.

Overall, this card
is saying that you need to invest time in the things that matter and then release
control. The rewards come only in the fullness of time so let them develop as
they were meant to; let go and choose to be surprised by joy

Peace out…

#TarotAdLib Day Sixteen: Advice Dear begi…

#TarotAdLib Day Sixteen: Advice

Dear beginner me,

When it comes to divination, you do not need to worry so much about _whether people will “get” you/Trust you_. What you should actually focus on is _your passion for Tarot and helping people_ and _your unique knowledge/wisdom_. That will take you far. Do not be discouraged if things get too much for you to handle. Take your time and have fun. That is part of the process.

Good Morning! Today is a day of Stability, Ben…

Good Morning! Today is a
day of Stability, Benevolence, Maturity
Tarot of the Day: The Emperor

This card indicates
a need for a logical and organized approach to your day. There are times when
we all wish we could let our hearts rule but, today, you must practice
self-discipline and listen to your head. In short, today is, unfortunately, a
day for ‘adulting’ to come first.

The Emperor represents
powerful male energy that exudes calm, logic, and self -discipline. He is the embodiment of benevolent
leadership, loving kindness, and fatherly guidance.
Whether he refers to an older man; a father figure, a mentor, or a lover with
these qualities or to a need to focus on these qualities in yourself, you may
find that assertiveness and rationality are required for you to handle a

At work, things should be
going as well as you think. Pay close attention to guidelines and details, and
follow through with each project.

You may find yourself
falling for someone more mature and settled than you are; they may also be
older. If it feels like you aren’t connecting or that they don’t take you
seriously, be patient and let them see your genuine inner Emperor.

Authority (or lack
of) has played a large role in the shaping of your life. Don’t be surprised if
you find yourself, looking to that figure, accessing your own inner authority
figure, or facing the issues you have with authority.

revel not just in the sense of accomplishment you will get from completing a
task but also in the self-control that you exercised to achieved it. If you can
master yourself then you should have little problem mastering the world and all
the things in it. 
Look at you doing all the things! Awesome adulting!

Peace out, Lovelies…



#TarotAdLib Day Fifteen: Tarot BlogMy bloggi…

#TarotAdLib Day Fifteen: Tarot Blog

My blogging style has developed in the last year by _allowing others to see my unique identity_. 

I hope to better my blog by _increasing my connection between myself and the world_ and _continuing to grow and heal by helping others to do the same_ throughout the rest of 2018.

Good morning, Lovelies! Today we consider Soli…

Good morning, Lovelies!
Today we consider Solitude, Introspection, Enlightenment and ‘Self’
Tarot of the Day: The Hermit

The Hermit is the pinnacle
of human wisdom; of personal growth, and the embodiment of “To thine own self,
be true.” This card signifies the need to surround yourself with the tools for
tranquil contemplation and introspection. It is time to find a place to get
away and think; to connect with your inner ‘wise one’ and ensure you’re path is
still aligned with your ethics, spiritual values, and highest good.

Often drawn when there is
an involvement with a large institution or tradition, the Hermit is asking that
you take at least a few moments of introspection before you commit any further.
Whether it’s a bank, marriage, or a religious order, if it’s possible, withdraw
and reconsider for another day. Where it’s not possible to wait, seek advice.
This also applies if the Hermit appears when you are seeking the truth in a
person, relationship, or situation.

At work, the Hermit
signifies that the time for your success and recognition is approaching. Be
ethical and genuine in your work ethic and your opinions and do the “right
thing” because it’s right not because someone is watching and the energy will
return to you.

Whether you are in a
relationship and feeling you are moving in different directions, or are
considering rekindling a relationship from the past, this is the time to search
your ‘self’ for what you truly want. Ask yourself if that is truly what you
want or are you re-enacting an old cycle out of habit, lack of focus, or ego. Be
sure you are acting in line with your ethics and for your highest good. Pause,
think deeply about what you want from your future, and then make the decision
in a way you feel is ethical and decent.

Overall, the Hermit wants
you to connect with your inner truth and light your path with it. Move through
today ensuring you are genuine, ethical, and doing what is right for your
highest good. Go, Do, Be… Peace out…





#TarotAdLib Day Fourteen: Divination  Divina…

#TarotAdLib Day Fourteen: Divination 

 Divination has brought so much _focussed energy and increased skill_ to my life. It has given me an outlet for _my intuition_ and has helped me by _allowing me to help others_. Without divination my life would probably lack the _connectedness_ I need to continue on every day.

Happy Love Day, Lovelies…

Happy Love Day, Lovelies…