Good morning! Today is a day of Honesty, Indep…

Good morning! Today is a
day of Honesty, Independence, Perception
Tarot of the Day: Queen of Swords

This Queen embodies
strength, independence, and intellect. She is mature, philosophical, and well
respected for her accurate perceptions. She is analytical and a gifted problem
solver. Like all of her suit, she cuts through the surrounding detritus to get
to the core of the issue, but she does it with grace and concern. She is the
soul of wit, the mother of invention, a seat of wisdom, and the source of the
will to achieve higher purposes.

If she represents a person
in your life, that person is likely female or has a strong connection with
their feminine side. If she is you she is telling you it is time to seek
counsel from your inner Queen of Swords; connect with your inner voice and
listen to its wisdom.

If work is your focus
today, you may find yourself solving problems and discovering truths all over
the place. The key to the day is to share your impressions only with the people
involved – and only if asked.

In love, this Queen warns
of being too urgent, too forceful, or sharing too much truth too soon. Be
careful that the timing is right. ‘Cutting to the truth’ can also shred any
romance so, pay as much attention to your partner’s cues as you are to
everything else. Your mother may be an issue in your relationship – concerns
about her interfering, whether intentionally or not, could pose a problem. Be
clear and respectful and set your boundaries.

Whether she is your inner
voice, or – more likely – a wise counsellor, this Queen reminds you that she is
here to help you through the day. Seek her wise counsel; you’ll be glad you
Peace out, Lovelies…

Good morning! Today’s messages are about Couns…

Good morning! Today’s
messages are about Counsel, Wisdom, Honour
Tarot of the Day: The Hierophant

The Hierophant
represents ancient wisdom and counsel. He speaks to a need to review the core
tenets of your beliefs- whether they be in doctrine or natural law. He can also
herald marriage or some other traditional ceremony/contract.

He appears when you find
yourself in a situation where you may be making decisions that are removed from
your core beliefs. He wants you to return to your nature; review the origins of
your beliefs and ensure you are making the decisions that are right for you and
everyone involved in the long run. Seek counsel from someone who is a spiritual
teacher/mentor for you to ensure you are getting what you need.

At work, The Hierophant
indicates group work and getting back to basics. Likely a project or situation
is getting bogged down in ideas and losing focus. Strip it down to the bare
necessities and remember where you want to take it.

If you are in a
relationship, today may be a good time to think and behave in a traditional
way. If you are going on a first date, bring flowers, if you are going to
propose, get down on one knee…consider it a nod to good old-fashioned romance.

The Hierophant
speaks to convention so ensure you are acting honourably and decently not only
by the standards you have set for yourself by also by the standards others will
expect you to have.

He reminds you that
you have a ‘touchstone’ for your beliefs and regardless of how or why you’ve
‘wandered off’, dig deep, seek counsel, and you’ll get back to you.

Peace out, Lovelies…

Good morning! Today we look at Greatness, Burd…

morning! Today we look at Greatness, Burden, Perspective
Tarot of the Day: Ten of Wands

This card appears when you are carrying too much
at once. Always saying yes to people may seem helpful or noble but in reality,
it’s not possible to achieve or complete ‘everything’. The time has come to
stop, get perspective on your situation today; see the situation as it truly is and lighten your load –
literally or figuratively.

accepting burdens that distract you from your focus. People ask you to help
them with their loads because they value your input (and your seemingly
constant availability) but, if you become overburdened with the issues of
others you will be unable to help anyone – least of all yourself. In all
aspects of your life today, the message of this card is the same: Be selective
and choose that which allows you to actually achieve your higher purpose.

If your
workload has increased, or you are struggling with additional tasks that aren’t
part of your usual workload, speak up. This card indicates a possibility that
your own work will suffer as a result of the increase. If you feel full already
and are asked to do more today, ask for help completing and/or prioritising;
management will appreciate your candor.

In love,
the Ten signals a particularly ‘hard part’. This could be something your
partner is going through personally but, usually, this card appears when there
is something in your relationship that needs to be adjusted. Neither of you
will gain from ignoring something so talk, see it from each others perspective
and start working it out. 

the issue today, set your boundaries lovingly but definitively and forge ahead
to your potential; you may be pleasantly surprised by the support you receive
from others.

Peace out, Lovelies…

This is adorable (and definitely not because I…

This is adorable (and definitely not because I do the same thing with my bra and crystals). 😛



Good morning! Today’s messages are Steadfastne…

Good morning! Today’s
messages are Steadfastness, Honour, Practicality
Tarot of the Day: Knight of Pentacles

This Knight is
dependable, honourable, and trustworthy. He has undeniable common sense,
incredible determination, and various skills that include exercising patience
and being supportive of others. He tells you either to expect financial good
news from a dependable young man or that a situation requires you to utilise
these qualities in yourself.

Like the rest of the
Pentacles, the Knight often deals with money and finances. If these are your
issues, you can expect to hear good news regarding them. Considering his
practicality, it is unlikely that the news will be a lottery win, but he is
telling you that things will ease up and be OK. The security you need to pursue your ambitions will arrive.

At work, tradition is key.
Work inside the accepted guidelines and structure in order to achieve, today. If
you are looking for work, today is the day to highlight your grounded,
dependable side. 

If love is your focus, this is the time for practicality. Focus on the duty and
working together to build a joint future. It sounds boring but what could be
more romantic than creating a life together? If you’re looking for love,
reassess your ‘wishlist’; be sure you are looking for the qualities that you
truly want and that truly matter.

Overall, this Knight
assures a day of practical success, and positive messages, so stick to
tradition, set realistic goals, and you’ll rule the day.

Peace out, Lovelies…

Ah ennui… poor Ivan tried three toys …

Ah ennui… poor Ivan tried three toys and then gave up with a sigh… It’s a good day to be inside here. Hope you’re all having a better Saturday than Ivan

Good morning, Lovelies! Today is a day of Abun…

morning, Lovelies! Today is a day of Abundance, Creativity, and

Tarot of the Day: Three of Cups

is one of my most favourite cards to get. It represents great happiness; secure
joy that will last and be shared with those around you. It celebrates deep
friendship, and the beauty such friendship can create in your life. It usually
appears at the completion of a meaningful project or a marriage or birth.

your career, this could mean a promotion and/or an increase in remuneration.
So, whether you are looking for a job somewhere else or hoping to move up where
you are, the ‘right’ people are about to see your efforts and reward them.

love, Three foretells of the closure of past relationships in order to attain
the next level of your current relationship or, if you are currently single, a
move forward in preparation of a new relationship.

new depth comes to you because of the personal growth you have worked to
achieve and will be someone well suited to the new levels you have reached.

the Three speaks to you, know that there is abundant energy gathering around
this moment that signifies you are approaching a new phase in your life; a
phase which is yours due to the effort you made to reach it.

The work you have done is beginning to influence your future,
and the future holds abundance and celebration. Well done, you!

Peace out…

Fell for these when another reader was posti…

Fell for these when another reader was posting them on IG. Thanks to Little Orchid Tarot for making me love these. Welcoming #LinestriderTarot to my practice.
Aren’t they cool?!

Good morning! Today’s focus is Compassion, Int…

Good morning! Today’s focus
is Compassion, Integrity, Wise and Balanced Energy
Tarot of the Day: King of Cups

The King of Cups is
a compassionate, warm, and gentle voice of reason. He is the worldly and calm
projection of authority and resonates with the balance of ‘male’ and ‘female’
energy. He is the embodiment of loving benevolence, gifted intuition, and infinite
spiritual knowledge.

He is most likely a
reference to someone who will aid you, today, in achieving or furthering your
goals. Likely an older man with medium to light or silver hair. Seek and
consider their advice.

If he represents
you, he speaks to a need to tap into your inner strength and let the lessons of
the past, not the issues, be your guide.

If work is your
concern, know that your co-workers respect you more than you may think. If you
are feeling the need for advice on a project or in advancing in your work, seek
the advice of the male authority energy that you respect. They will surely be
in your corner.

If money has you
preoccupied, force yourself to look at the realities of your situation – you
may find you have more flexibility than you think. If you need help, don’t
afraid to seek it out.

Whether you are in a
relationship or looking for one, few cards are more loving than the King of
Cups. He heralds warm, compassionate, and satisfying pairings.

Overall, this King
foretells an element of pure and true love in your life. Nurture yourself, and
allow others to nurture you. Know that you are supported by the Universe in
ways seen, and unseen. Go, Do, BE…and feel
the love.

Peace out, Lovelies…