Good morning! Today is about Energy, Courage, …

Good morning! Today is
about Energy, Courage, and Willpower
Tarot of the Day: Strength

This card is about an inner
balance of strength. It suggests not just power but the capacity to exercise
great self-control in all matters. It speaks to an ability to manage your
impulses instead of be controlled by them, and an unshakeable resolve to see
things through to the desired end. Direct the energy to the greatest good of

Strength appears when you
need to be reminded that you are mind, body, and spirit and you may have been
so busy being strong on one or two of these aspects that you have forgotten the
other(s). With focus and willpower, you will balance all aspects for your
highest good.

Whether you are looking for
a job or hoping for a promotion, things are aligned for your success right now.
Be strong and genuine in your presentation. Don’t be afraid to go for what you
want. If your workplace doesn’t/can’t offer growth, now is the time to seize
your confidence and start looking elsewhere for what you deserve.

If you are in a
relationship, Strength indicates a deep bond and strong foundation. 
If you are looking for a relationship, this is a good time to get out and meet
people. Let your self-confidence show.

Strength is a card that
indicates an opportunity to change your life. Wherever and however that may be,
embrace the opportunity. You have what you need to succeed. You are strong
enough – maybe even stronger than you think.
Peace out, Lovelies…

Good morning! Today is about Perseverance and …

Good morning! Today is
about Perseverance and Long-term Successes
Tarot of the Day: Seven of Wands

You are likely to find
yourself in some sort of a competitive situation today. Things are going well
right now thanks to your hard work and planning, and the support of the
Universe so be secure in the knowledge that you will come out on top.

Likely, this competition or
conflict will be related to your stated views or plan. Don’t hesitate to be
clear with people about where you stand. See the challenge to your views as an
opportunity to make your plan clear to others. 
You will likely help someone by spelling it out for them. Your thinking is
clear and will bring about positive change so if you have moments of
self-doubt, now is the time for true courage – feel the fear but do it anyway.

This Seven points to
successes from being independent and thinking for yourself so,if you have been
considering becoming self-employed this is an excellent time to take the next
step in the process.

If love is your focus, this
card reminds you to continue to speak your mind and be yourself in your
relationship. Be sure you aren’t simply going with the flow; that is an
excellent way to lose yourself.
If you are looking for love, be your authentic self but be it in different
places than usual. Change is good…

Regardless of its position in your life today, the Seven of
Wands tells you that sometimes, being yourself and stating your mind can cause
bumps in the road, but you will get past all of them as long as what you
present is genuine. 
You have the skills and reserves required to get past anything; big or small,
and to embrace any change it may bring so, be yourself.

Peace out…

Breaking the old, harmful, patterns

Breaking the old, harmful, patterns


Astrodice! I’m not very confident when it comes to astrology. Any insights on how to combine planets, signs, and houses would be appreciated.

North Node in Pisces in the 8th House.

There is progress to be made in the intimate, subconscious aspects of life. Moving forward with things that have created self-degenerative habits should be treated and resolved.

Good morning, Lovelies! Today is about Passion…

Good morning, Lovelies!
Today is about Passion, Celebration, the Momentum of Focussed Energy
Tarot of the Day: Four of Wands

The Four of Wands is what I
call a ‘feel good’ card. No matter when it turns up in a reading or what the
question was about, this card means good things. It’s a card of good endings
and fresh starts; of celebration, harmony, and achievement.

You have likely been
feeling the energy build in a situation and it has left you feeling stressed,
anxious, or even trapped. The Four indicates the cycle will soon come to end in
your favour and for your highest good. Until then, redirect your excess passion and energy
to create, build, or transform you and/or your life.

At work, enjoy the success
and the fun that comes with it but remember not to rest on your laurels for too
long. Once success is achieved, work is needed to maintain it.

If you are looking for a
romantic partner, try attending parties, celebrations, or family events; the
positive, celebratory energy may draw the perfect mate for you.
If you are in a relationship, a potential for deeper commitment is here;
possibly marriage.

Overall, the Four of Wands indicates
the final stretch before a successful transition in your life. It brings with
it feelings of happiness, balance, creativity, passion, and forward progression
toward good things to come. There’ll be work ahead tomorrow; today, enjoy those
feelings. Go, Do, Be.

Peace out…



Good morning! Today is about Ruts, Change, and…

Good morning! Today is
about Ruts, Change, and Energetic pressure
Tarot of the Day: Eight of Wands

This card signals you are
approaching an end of delays and being stuck by indecision – yours as well as
from others. Be patient a little longer; you’ve done all you can do now let
others do what they need to do to ensure the end you were hoping for and
working toward. 
Things are about to get very busy. Any projects you begin will move quickly, with
few if any, delays and the conclusion is likely to be successful.

This Eight signifies
movement of energy where there previously was none so look for that cosmic
*sigh* as the energy that was building but getting you nowhere, is released and
begins to draw you forward. Great news, great hope, speeding toward an end that
promises happiness. This can also represent the arrows of love.

Travel may be a key focus
in your relationship – either the mate you seek will be found in travel or, the
relationship you have will require a willingness to travel. Either way, go with
the flow, don’t force things to remain the same. Find and then focus on the

At work, you are likely
waiting for others to make decisions and it feels as though you are running and
not getting anywhere. 
Consider the adage that no news is good news; relax, don’t push, and you will
likely be happier with the outcome.

However your day begins
today, know that it will soon speed toward rewards with hope and momentum.
Happy trails, Lovelies!

Peace out…

Finding Your Element



Though we’re never just one element at any time, its common for us to be closer to one more than the others. The element you associate with may share traits, both positive and negative, with you. Knowing your element can help you understand yourself and help you overcome problems that you encounter because of it.

Note that the element that you associate with now may change with time and personal growth.

So, how does one find their element? Well, first you gotta know the elements. Each one has its own set of traits.

Now, I won’t be listing all of the correspondence for each element, just the ones I think may be relevant to the topic.



  • Colors: Yellow, sky blue
  • Direction: East
  • Season: Spring
  • Compliment: Fire
  • Opposite: Earth
  • Positive Traits: Joyful, humorous, intelligent, intuitive, communicative.
  • Negative Traits: Loves gossip, chatterbox, loud, messy, selfish, manipulative, boastful, know-it-all.
  • Possible Fears: Suffocation, being buried alive, being wrong/being stupid, stagnation.


  • Colors: Brown, green
  • Direction: North
  • Season: Winter
  • Compliment: Water
  • Opposite: Air
  • Positive Traits: Reliable, level-headed, punctual, good with money, preserving, wise.
  • Negative Traits: Materialistic, narrow minded, stubborn, greedy.
  • Possible Fears: Heights, falling, financial crisis, change.


  • Colors: Red, orange
  • Direction: South
  • Season: Summer
  • Complement: Air
  • Opposite: Water
  • Positive Traits: Energetic, out-going, courageous, loyal, passionate.
  • Negative Traits: Power hungry, dominating, egotistical, stubborn, resentful, violent, reckless.
  • Possible Fears: Lack of control or lack of power, fear of large bodies of water or drowning.


  • Colors: Blue, silver
  • Direction: West
  • Season: Fall
  • Complement: Earth
  • Opposite: Fire
  • Positive Traits: Compassionate, loving, forgiving, empathetic, easy going, modesty.
  • Negative Traits: Weepy, overly sensitive, frigid, lazy, insecure, dependent, indifferent.
  • Possible Fears: Burning alive, losing loved ones, being alone.

When looking at one’s own traits and flaws it’s important to be honest with yourself and open to your intuition. If you find you can’t decide between two or more elements ask around, see what others think you are. It might help you narrow it down.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to ask any questions or to leave any suggestions.

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