Good Morning! Today’s message is of Powerful F…

Good Morning! Today’s
message is of Powerful Focus, Manifested Success, Equitable Partnership

Tarot of the Day: Three of

If you can invest your full
creativity and resourcefulness, this Three brings good news of success and
fresh starts. Whether you desire a better career, increased income, a new mate,
or something else, this is an indicator that the time is perfect for you to
manifest that desire.

New associations, new
information, and a changing viewpoint are all possible contributors to your success.
Release any fear of change to ensure you don’t block the results you are
working for. The fullness of your success will not be immediate so patience as
well as trust in your vision and effort is key, now.

At work, whether you are a stay at home parent, a single service
provider, or work in a company of hundreds, be proud of what you are bringing
to the table. Your colleagues and the decision makers have noticed your efforts
and wish to reward them. So does the Universe, so take heart.

In love, this card reminds you to only hold onto and invest in
the partnership that is equitable. If the relationship is not all it needs to
be for you then let it go and seek a partnership that is equal and respectful.

If you are looking
for a relationship and cannot seem to find one, look at your work schedule, the
stress you carry about your job, and consider where you might make a change
that will allow a new partner in.

Overall, this card is saying that you need to invest time in the
things that matter and then release control. The rewards come only in the
fullness of time so let them develop as they were meant to; let go and choose
to be surprised by joy

Peace out…

So ive decided to make a witchy/ occult IG to …

So ive decided to make a witchy/ occult IG to learn more about the community and tarot and stuff!! Do you have any accounts u recomend for a good follow (+ whats your insta?)

I’m actually on IG so this is totally a question I can answer! It’ll only be sampling though bc I barely remember names (I ended up looking them up).

One, I’m coffeeandtarot on IG. I am nothing if not consistent.

Two, I’m also part of indiedeckreview (And!), so everyone go follow it! A giveaway just started today too!!

Three, I like:





Brady.tarot & tinybrownbird


Tarotforthewildsoul & wildsoulhealing



















There are sooooo many more people to follow and I don’t follow nearly enough of them.

Good morning, Lovelies. Prepare to be Victorio…

Good morning, Lovelies.
Prepare to be Victorious and Lauded for your efforts, today! 
Tarot of the Day: Six of Wands

This Six heralds triumph, victory, and success
in your endeavours. You may have been inundated with troubles and worried that
you are overmatched by them but, this Six indicates that you will have a
victorious overcoming of the hurdles you have been
jumping and the dragons you have been slaying.

It is also a gentle reminder that grace and
magnanimity should accompany your success. Ensure you don’t get so lost in your
celebrations that you alienate the ones who supported and believed in you.

💚 At work, the Six of Wands heralds an increase
in remuneration or recognition. Both are currency; spend it and save it wisely.

💙 If your relationship – or lack of one – is your
focus, today, take heart. This card shows barriers being overcome and a close
and happy bond.

🧡 Wherever the Six speaks to you, his message is
the same: you are where you are because you slay dragons, overcome demons, and
do the right thing. Embrace the sense of accomplishment and joy and share it.
The world needs the gifts that only YOU can offer.

Peace out…

Good morning, Lovelies. Today is about Balance…

Good morning, Lovelies.
Today is about Balance, Accomplishment, and Concision
Tarot of the Day: Knight of Swords

Knights often mean that
someone or something desirable is about to seek you out so, if you are waiting
for news about something, you’ll likely hear today and you’ll be pleased. He
points to energetic activity, travel, and getting things accomplished.

Today, you are unlikely to
feel comfortable waiting for things to happen, delegating, or accepting someone
else’s take on things. Embrace the need to seek the truth of the matter, to
gain information and to get things accomplished. Be proactive; go after and
reach your end goal. 
Supercharged and super focussed can also mean you don’t see others in your
path; watch they don’t get trod on in your quest.

In work and finances, your projects will take on momentum today
and lead you to success. Likely this will highlight your skills and successes
above others – celebrate your accomplishments but be careful not to let it turn
to smugness or gloating. Humbly accept your success.

In love, this Knight points to you being swept off your feet. If
you are in a relationship, this means today may be a turning point for you; a
day of deeper truths and bonds. If you are seeking love, take the energy of the
Knight and go be with people – be yourself, be clear, and have fun; the right
person may find you there.

Wherever you encounter this Knight’s energy today, you will find
truth and success, so embrace the balanced power of mind, body, and spirit in
sync and go after your heart’s desire.
Peace out…

Good  morning! Today is about Energy, Confiden…

Good  morning! Today is about Energy, Confidence,
Controlling your Destiny
Tarot of the Day: Queen of Wands

This Queen
embodies honesty, confidence, and fertility (both metaphorically and
literally). She is a lively, passionate, and independent person who brings out
the best in people. She is engaging and thoughtful. Like all of her suit, she
tends to focus on career, beginnings, and fiery energy, but she does it with
intuition and perspective. She is the muse of success, the mother of
inspiration, a seat of ethics, and the source of the will to seek
self-development. If you are trying to conceive, she’s a good omen.

Like all the
court cards, she is either asking you to connect with these qualities in
yourself or, she represents a specific person in your life. If she signifies a
literal person, you should reach out to the feminine energy in your life with
medium to light hair and with whom you associate steadfast ethics, uplifting
support, and great advice. 
💚 At work, you are likely getting a lot accomplished
in little time which is a great groundwork for positive things in the future.
She asks you to be creative in your solutions today; think twice before you
spend – see if you can be creative and re-purpose instead of just buying new.

💙 If you are looking for love, trust yourself and
your growth enough to know that the ‘right person’ is out there and you will
soon be ready. You might meet the person through a friend who emulates this Queen.
If you are in a relationship, do not be surprised if you find yourself enjoying
a surge of admiration and/or pride for your partner; likely due to how they
handle a social situation.

🧡 However she appears to you today, Queen of Wands
brings positive energy, so remember that life is meant to be lived; embrace,
enjoy, and share.
Peace out, Lovelies…

Good Morning.  Today we look at Caution, Unsee…

Good Morning.  Today we look at Caution, Unseen Risk,
Tarot of the Day: The Moon

The Moon indicates a
time of confusion. You may be finding it difficult to understand your own
motivations, let alone the behaviour of others. Take a breath and try to just
let things unwind. You would likely feel better knowing the outcome of the
situation but this is not the time to force things or people to an end. Trust
things will come to the best outcome – even though you can’t see how.

Fortunately, your
extra senses are geared up to make up for your lack of ‘vision’. Trust your
instincts on issues and people. They may be the key to knowing which step to
take next.

The Moon can also
indicate a delay in an answer you are waiting for; remain patient and don’t

At work, things may seem unclear and a little shaky. Give
yourself, your colleagues, and management, the benefit of the doubt –
especially if there hasn’t been a reason not to before now. Patience is key.
Ask questions, assume nothing, and step gently. Things are unlikely to be as tense
as you feel.

Whether you are in a relationship or not, this is likely to be a
tense time. Don’t be in a hurry to begin or end a relationship right now. You
may find that anger is quicker than passion so, try to avoid fighting if it’s
at all reasonable and if it’s not, fight fairly – remember that you love each

If you find yourself
dealing with an ‘ex’, be calm, patient, but definite about your position.

For today, just as you would in a dark or moonlit room, tread
carefully and rely on your instincts.

Peace out, Lovelies…

Good Morning! Today is about Energy, Determina…

Good Morning! Today is
about Energy, Determination, Unpredictability
Tarot of the Day: Knight of Wands

Knights often herald a
change of direction or an infusion of transformative energy; for this Knight
that means your confidence, a need to conquer or achieve, and a desire for
change. He is a maverick. Audacious, energetic, and a determined leader, he is
an individual of spontaneity, daring, and passion. He often appears when you
have been asking the Universe for change. You wished to be out of your
‘rut’ and now your desire will be achieved in an unexpected way.

An opportunity for a
spontaneous decision may lead you to make a long journey or a permanent
relocation. They will both have their challenges but so does staying put. The
Knight tells you it’s a good time to go with your intuition so make the
decision your instincts tell you is right.

This is a good time for work issues. You may even get unexpected
positive feedback from management today – you are right to feel proud of your
If you are waiting for results from an interview or job prospect you are likely
to find the position is better than you hoped and is yours.

If you are in a relationship, today is a good day for listening
to your partner. Be spontaneous with your time and passionate in your
expression; make time to just ‘Be’ together. 
If you are looking for love, a possible connection through work may be the key;
likely someone with light hair.

Whether your change today is travel, moving, changing your
outlook, or simply relocating your desk, remember that today the Universe has
chosen to throw you a little surprise party and is giving you what you asked
for. “Hang onto your hat”, be brave, and embrace it; you can do it.
Peace out, Lovelies…

hi!! I'm a new tarot blog and was wonderi…

hi!! I'm a new tarot blog and was wondering if I could get a little shout-out? this is anon so people don't go to my main blog but I'm @festivefortunes. id really appreciate it!! thank you!

My person, I haven’t been on tumblr in ages. I’m a terrible person to solicit a shout out from.

I highly recommend against doing that, by the way: requesting shout outs, especially from people you haven’t interacted with before. The best way to get involved in a community, honestly, is to do the work of getting involved. Post in the tags. Start genuine conversation with folks in their inboxes. Reblog stuff and comment on it.

It makes me sound like a curmudgeon, I know.

Ok, time to leave tumblr again, I guess.

I dont have a witchy tumblr but if one wanted …

I dont have a witchy tumblr but if one wanted to get into tarot how would they go about it? Do you need like special talent?

1. No special talent needed, just a desire to learn. Books and just doing readings (dive right in, with a book in hand!) are your friends (or at least are mine bc those are the ways I learn best), or online courses like Little Red Tarot’s, etc.

Learning to read tarot is really just learning to read a new language/system of understanding the world…except it’s a symbolic, image based language. It takes study and practice. Some people pick it up faster than others, but that doesn’t make anyone better or worse.

My suggestion of a good beginners book that isn’t overwhelming is Kitchen Table Tarot. After that, to go deeper, 78 Degrees of Wisdom or Holistic Tarot. But again, that’s just me & my suggestions. All of this is assuming you’re interested in learning the English system of tarot, which is the Rider Waite Smith & Thoth decks. If you’re more interested in the French/European system (marseille tarot decks), then I have different suggestions.

2. Having a specifically tarot or witchy tumblr has no role in learning or not learning tarot. You do you! That said, joining some kind of community is also helpful for a lot of folks, like here on tumblr or IG or in person. I run meet up groups for tarot in my city, and spend a lot of time on IG now (verses tumblr, which I only venture back on to when I get a question like this).

Good morning. Today is about Teamwork, Diligen…

Good morning. Today is
about Teamwork, Diligence, and Success
Tarot of the Day: Three of Discs/ Pentacles

This card brings positive
messages in all areas of your life but, as is true of most of the Pentacles, it
speaks primarily to career and material reward for work.

You are well positioned for
your hard work and diligence to receive the recognition or reward that it
deserves. Keep focus. Build and rely on your team when it’s required; knowing
how to delegate and how to ask for help are skills not weaknesses.

You may not get a pat on the back or be aware that your effort
has been recognized but the outcome will show you that it has. This is the time
to master your trade in order to obtain material rewards, a lasting sense of
accomplishment, and opportunities to expand both.

If you are looking for a relationship, have patience – the work
you are doing on yourself and your life is more successful than you think. The
right person is out there for the self that you are becoming; allow your higher
self to choose.

Whether in a physical or metaphysical area of your life, the
Three tells you to, remain diligent, keep working as you have been, and rely on
others now and again…the benefits will soon be evident.

Peace out, Lovelies…