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Momma and I did a ritual
every Sunday before the new school week
We washed my hair and anointed my skin
Chanting the words “My blackness is beautiful as can be!

My head was cleansed and prayed over
with cascarilla and Florida water.
I helped part my hair
as we both received protective forehead kisses from my Father.

My hair was twisted with coconut oil
to protect from bad thoughts.
Momma crafted symbols in my scalp
To have those listen to me whenever I talked.

She used a toothbrush for my edges
glazed in moon water and gel
To shield me from anyone
who doesn’t mean me well.

We cleansed my face with rose water for beauty
and my body in lavender lotion for peace.
I looked in the mirror with a smile
My blackness was as beautiful as can be.

We wrapped my head in a scarf
to prevent any bad dreams
and placed a glass of water under my bed
to filter out anything uclean.

Momma tucked me in bed
Praying over me one last time
Her motherly magic keeping me safe
to start the new school week just right.

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This is SO beautiful