Hey! If it’s not a lot of trouble, I&rs…

Hey! If it’s not a lot of trouble, I’d love a reading about a few things (or just one, I’d appreciate anything). Thanks so much, love your page! 1) upcoming finals/grades 2) what kind of college to look into 3) will I find love this year? 4) how should I handle my relationship with my father? 5) will I find happiness? 6) how can I improve my mental health? 7) what’s in my near future? 8) what should I be wary of? Again, I really appreciate it!!!

There are a lot of starting points here. I have tried to keep them all in mind while reading the cards, but as it is only a three-card reading I could not keep a tight focus on all your questions. I hope this helps anyway, and that you find some guidance in my ramblings.

Past: Queen of Swords
Don’t underestimate your own knowledge. Work hard to communicate your ideas with sharpness, which may come across as being standoffish. Maybe some struggle in your finals/grades, being too critical in your relationships. It’s ok to know what you want, but it doesn’t hurt to be open to new possibilities. In regard to mental health, this could indicate keeping things to yourself which creates its own issue of pent-up emotion. It’s good to let your guard down and invite others in.

Present: 3 of Pentacles (reversed)
Institutions, following the advice of others. Leaving behind the instruction and guidance of your current school which corresponds to reaching your finals and applying to college. Take other’s advice into consideration but remember to stay true to yourself. Make sure that you do what feels right for you and do not make decisions based on whether they will make other’s happy. It’s your future. Perhaps something unconventional, not following the mould. In terms of love and your relationship with your father, try to break past patterns as these have not lead to the results you wanted.

Future: Judgement (reversed)
Unexpected results; path taking a turn that you did not want or predict. Not necessarily negative. When I applied for university, I did not expect to get into the one I wanted and so planned for another with lower entry requirements. I was pleasantly surprised by my results and ended up getting into the university I originally wanted. Something like this may happen for you. Or maybe you will find yourself looking into paths that you never thought you would. New subjects, or a new geographical area. A broadening of horizons now that you have let down the guard of the Queen of Swords.

Self-doubt or a closed-off attitude in the past lead to issues in relationships or school work. Let down your guard and connect with people. Express yourself. Work on breaking away from past habits and behaviours that are not working out for you. Invite change but stay true to yourself. Do what you believe will make you happy and grow through doing so. What comes of this may not be what you expect but keep an open mind. Open-mindedness can lead to finding a path that you wouldn’t originally assume would work for you in terms of your studies and relationships.

I wish you the best of luck in college. Feel free to message me if you have any further questions. I would love to hear feedback from you, Anon.