Good Morning! Today is about Concentration, Dr…

Good Morning! Today is
about Concentration, Dreams, your Inner Voice
Tarot of the Day: Seven of Cups

Today, you may find
yourself tempted to listen to your ‘troublemaker angels’ instead of your
‘better angels’ or simply finding your head keeps returning to the clouds. This
card is about choices; not just making them but having many on hand. Who hasn’t
played the “If I won the lottery…” game, or “If only…” when they
were overwhelmed with options?

This Seven speaks to your
innermost self, your unconscious, and the realms of your imagination. It’s
asking you to reassess your motivations; are you being creative and adventurous
where it may be harmful to you and linear and logical where you need
imagination? Are you making or avoiding choices based on fears?

In work and finances, watch
that your decisions are not based on wish fulfillment. If a deal feels ‘too
good to be true’ then it likely is. 
If your job has a creative aspect, today holds the ideal energy for it but if
it’s a linear or precise job, today is a better day to re-examine and follow-up
than decide a new path, project, or investment.

If you are in a relationship
you may find yourself overthinking small issues and finding problems where
there aren’t any. All relationships reach a comfortable pace where love is felt
deeply and serenely instead of the heady rush of a new relationship. Don’t
mistake this for a rut. If your relationship isn’t truly troubled, leave
decisions about it for another day.

For today, where possible,
leave decisions for another day. Where that’s not possible, Seven reminds you
to focus on your ‘better angels’; your clearest intuition, to make the right
choice for your highest good. Focus on what you want not what you fear…
Peace out, Lovelies.