Good morning! Today is about Partnership, Joy…

Good morning!
Today is about Partnership, Joy, and
Tarot of the Day: Two of Cups

This card
represents a meaningful and symbiotic relationship. One of balance, joy,
sharing, and friendship. It often speaks to a romantic relationship but is just
as likely to represent any partnership/friendship founded on equal respect,
trust, and affection.

Two of Cups
shouts of love, respect, and positive relationships; a connection that brings
you great rewards and happiness for years to come. This is a time of feeling at
one with Universal energies and with yourself. Balance your energies, open your
heart chakra, and share your loving vibes with the world.

At work, the
Two speaks to balance and fairness. You are likely very comfortable in your
workplace, even if you are not in love with your job. Ensure you are giving all
your company deserves. If you are looking for employment, this is likely to
happen very soon; stay open to surprising options.

If love is
your focus today, Two of Cups speaks of ‘true love’, equality, respect,
commitment, and all things most people hope for in a healthy love relationship.
If you have not already found this person, they will likely soon arrive in your

aspect of your life the Two speaks to today, it heralds a day full of warmth,
joy, and loving energy. Share those feelings with others and spread the
Peace out, Lovelies…