Good Morning. Today we deal with Emotional Los…

Good Morning. Today we deal
with Emotional Loss, Separation, and the New Beginnings they bring
Tarot of the Day: Three of Swords

This card represents
the presence of old emotional pain and the mental anguish it causes. This pain
is likely due to conflict or loss in a relationship, friendship, or family
It may be that you are caught in a loop of re-feeling pain from an old
situation, or that you are stuck in a present one and afraid of the pain you
may feel getting out of it.

This three reminds you that
you must deal with the pain honestly in order to move on. Find a way to address
the issues at the core of the situation and deal with them one at a time. This
will help you to feel the pain and deal with it without getting stuck in it. 
Ignoring a broken bone won’t heal it and not addressing it causes other
problems; the same is true of emotional pain.

In work or finances
today, the presence of this card speaks to disappointment. You may need to seek
some guidance regarding your approach. This is not permanent but it is time to
take an unflinching look at the situation and make some decisions about how to
move forward.

If love or a
relationship was your focus today, know that you are being guided to the
relationship that is right for you – whether that means connecting openly and
honestly with your partner and repairing the one you are in or deciding to end
If you are looking for a relationship, it is time to address old wounds so they
will stop impairing new relationships.

Wherever the Three
speaks to your life today, remember to release the fear so that “this,
too, shall pass”. Reach out
to friends, mentors, and the Universe for support and guidance to heal and you
will open a new path; the one of truth and beauty that the Universe truly means
for you. Embrace the future.

Peace out, Lovelies…