Changing things up with a I-Ching reading! #2…

Changing things up with a I-Ching reading!

#24 changing to #51.

I’ve reached a point of return in life, which could be equated to “The World” arcana. I’m excited to jump into the new chapters in life, but need to do so at a humanly reasonable pace.

In time this energy will transform into a sudden cataclysmic release, kind of like “The Tower” arcana. It will be terrifying, but in some ways electrifying. After the clash of natural forces, to re-enter with poise and to respond with strength means great success.

I’m feelin’ it. Also a couple nods to my lack of social life which I’m not denying. Thankfully there’s implication that is on the mend.

Any I-Ching readers out there?