Good morning, Lovelies! Today is about Confide…

Good morning, Lovelies!
Today is about Confidence, Diplomacy, Ethics
Tarot of the Day: Seven of Swords

Overall, this Seven is about challenges, conflicts, and the
mental strength required in manifesting your plans. Knowledge is power; once
you are certain you have all the details, commit to the plan with confidence
and follow through with it.

may find someone being passive/aggressive in their role in your plans. If
someone is rendering useless, your tools to move forward (or even stealing them),
choose diplomacy over retribution.

If the Seven represents your
role, then it is time to step back and review your behaviour. Ask yourself why
you feel justified in prying into someone else’s affairs or sabotaging their
Everyone deserves their privacy and you deserve to maintain your honour.
Whatever this person did that makes you feel justified, remember who you are.
Meet the challenge with diplomacy and honour.

At work, your boss/employer
may be scrutinising your performance. Stay ethical and productive. Respond
diplomatically and creatively to any setbacks and you will succeed.

If finances are the
question of the day, avoid making any investments etc. today – you can’t be
sure everyone involved is being ethical; review and wait wherever possible.

If your relationship is the
issue, this card speaks to the necessity for truth between you. Consider the
areas that need to be addressed and reconnect with your partner by talking them
out truthfully and considerately.

Wherever Seven speaks to
you, today, the best advice is to check that your decision is aligned with your
ideals. Ensure your moves are ethical, ask the Universe for guidance, and when
you move forward, do it with confidence. Create the future of your dreams and
give to the world, the fruits of your inspiration.

Peace out…