Good morning! Today is about Certainty, Posses…

Good morning! Today is about Certainty,
Possessiveness, Resisting Change

Tarot of the Day: Four of Pentacles

This Four
basically represents holding onto people, things, money, emotions, situations,
or relationships, longer than is best for you. Are you living within
self-created limitations? Do you feel the need to be in control? Is fear of
change keeping you from moving forward or do you wish to move forward but the
situation still requires you to continue being practical and tenacious?

 As with most of the
Pentacle cards, the Four tends to be involved with money and/or other tangible
possessions. If you are in a relationship, house, job, etc. because of money or
possessions, then the Four is telling you that the time has come to review what
you are holding onto and why.

At work, you are
likely doing something you don’t like or is even having a negative impact on
your life simply to put food on the table. The Four signifies a time is coming
when you will be able to change your situation. Research your options. Be brave
and informed to make a decision for your higher good.

If your relationship
is your focus today, then the Four signifies that one or both of you are
fearful and hanging on too tightly. Relax your grip and allow things to flow
naturally. Love will not grow or even survive in a stranglehold. Talk to each
other, allow each other the space to be yourselves and things will be better.

 If you are holding
onto old clothes, old hurts, or old patterns, the Four says it’s time to review
the reasons and relax your grip.

If you are stuck in
a pattern, place, or situation that still requires you to remain, review
options to change it – you may find a way to begin to ease out of it. It’s time
for needed change, even if it’s small so, take a deep breath, trust the
Universe, and start where you are.

Peace out,