Good morning! Today we look at Temptation, Tri…

Good morning! Today we look at Temptation,
Trickery, and Artifice,

Tarot of the Day: The Devil.

The Devil is a card about feeling trapped or
restrained in a situation. Likely, the situation appeared to be one thing on
the surface but later turned out to be more complicated or, something else,
entirely.  Now, you’ll need to look
beyond blame or guilt about how you got ‘here’ and past superficial appearances,
to the truth of the situation.

Seek guidance if you feel it will help but, don’t let people tell you that
your options are limited; ensure that your decision on how to move forward is
your own.

It’s also crucial
to remember that you can free yourself from whatever restrictions you feel by
making a choice to remove them; you have a right to make your life what you
want it to be.

At work, this card can be a sign of feeling
trapped in your job for some reason. Consider whether there is anything
you can do to change things – anything from finding a new job, to voting in a
union, to adjusting your attitude. Weigh the options and the trade-offs and
decide. You are not trapped unless you choose to be.

If The Devil is in the details of your
relationship, one or both of you may be feeling a little trapped. Try talking calmly
and respectfully with your partner and see if that’s the case and if it can be

If you’re single
and looking, this may be a sign that you’re approaching the point of
desperation or appearing desperate. Consider focussing on your personal journey
for a while.

However The Devil appears in your day, remember
that we need a catalyst for change so, don’t worry overmuch about the
surge of energy you’re feeling – it’s the start of something good if you let

Peace out, Lovelies…