Good morning, Lovelies! Today is about Honesty…

Good morning,
Lovelies! Today is about Honesty, Mental Discipline, Open Mind
Tarot of the Day: Page of Swords

This page
brings formal or official news of change; and a possibility you won’t love the
news. While the changes could prove to be challenging, this card shows issues
being settled and detritus removed from your life so take heart that any bumps
or issues today will serve a higher purpose in the end.

You may be
trying too hard or pushing for something to move forward before its time, or
just find yourself stepping on people’s toes in general. Consider brainstorming
a new solution – don’t get bogged down in established methods. The day calls
for strong analytical skills, an energetic nature, and fearless honesty – but
be sure this includes diplomacy.

At work, this
may indicate some conflict. Be humble. You may be approaching a situation with
the assumption that you know all there is to know. Remember that although you
may know all the facts you may not know the mitigating details; ask if there is
more to know and the others involved will appreciate your open approach.

If you are in
a relationship, reassess whether you actually know when to push and when to
back off. You may have the timing wrong and be causing yourself unnecessary
tension and irritation. It’s ok to need your partner to explain their feelings
and gives them an opportunity to share with you. Allowing your partner the time
and space they need is essential.

Today is a
day for flexibility. Harness all that mental and physical energy you’re feeling
and direct it wisely. Open your mind – even if you think it already is,
“read the room”, “sense the tone”, and in general, pay more
attention than usual to the responses of others.
Trust that, and you’ll successfully navigate any situation today 
Peace out…