Good morning. Today is about Teamwork, Diligen…

Good morning. Today is
about Teamwork, Diligence, and Success
Tarot of the Day: Three of Discs/ Pentacles

This card brings positive
messages in all areas of your life but, as is true of most of the Pentacles, it
speaks primarily to career and material reward for work.

You are well positioned for
your hard work and diligence to receive the recognition or reward that it
deserves. Keep focus. Build and rely on your team when it’s required; knowing
how to delegate and how to ask for help are skills not weaknesses.

You may not get a pat on the
back or be aware that your effort has been recognized but the outcome will show
you that it has. This is the time to master your trade in order to obtain
material rewards, a lasting sense of accomplishment, and opportunities to
expand both.

If you are looking for a
relationship, have patience – the work you are doing on yourself and your life
is more successful than you think. The right person is out there for the self
that you are becoming; allow your higher self to choose.

Whether in a physical or metaphysical
area of your life, the Three tells you to, remain diligent, keep working as you
have been, and rely on others now and again…the benefits will soon be

Peace out, Lovelies…