Good morning! Today is about Optimism, Change,…

Good morning! Today is
about Optimism, Change, and Beginnings
Tarot of the Day: The Fool

The Fool is a card chiefly
about living in the moment in its purest sense. Only when you are present
without looking to the past or worrying about the future, can you be completely
open to whatever may occur in that moment. Because of The Fool’s willingness to
be the first to try something, to take a leap of faith, or to look foolish, he
has nearly endless opportunities for growth and transformation.

Today, he reminds you to
take a chance that may change your life. Open your heart, allow your intuition
to assist you, and accept that it’s OK to make a mistake – especially when you
make it whilst trying to fully live your life. Every wonderful thing that life
can bring us came with change.

At work, The Fool may
indicate that coworkers don’t understand your approach. Stir their support and
optimism by explaining in a different way. Trust them with details of how you
came to it; let them see your process so they can identify on a personal
If you have been considering working for yourself, this card may indicate that
the research and planning stages are complete and the time has come to take the

If you have been
considering a deeper commitment in your relationship or been feeling pressure
to make one, this is a good time to consider why. Consider what is stopping you
and whether it should; are you taking issues too seriously or too lightly? If
there are real issues, this may be the time to resist taking such a leap
unless/until the issues can be resolved.

Whether he comes to you
because you are at the end of something or because you are wondering how to
begin a new path, hear his message of openness. Choose the change, trust the
Universe, Choose YOU.
Peace out, Lovelies…