Good morning! Today is about Perseverance and …

Good morning! Today is
about Perseverance and Long-term Successes
Tarot of the Day: Seven of Wands

You are likely to find yourself
in some sort of a competitive situation today. Things are going well right now
thanks to your hard work and planning, and the support of the Universe so be
secure in the knowledge that you will come out on top.

Likely, this competition or
conflict will be related to your stated views or plan. Don’t hesitate to be
clear with people about where you stand. See the challenge to your views as an
opportunity to make your plan clear to others. 
You will likely help someone by spelling it out for them. Your thinking is
clear and will bring about positive change so if you have moments of
self-doubt, now is the time for true courage – feel the fear but do it anyway.

This Seven points to
successes from being independent and thinking for yourself so, if you have been
considering becoming self-employed this is an excellent time to take the next
step in the process.

If love is your focus, this
card reminds you to continue to speak your mind and be yourself in your
relationship. Be sure you aren’t simply going with the flow; that is an
excellent way to lose yourself.
If you are looking for love, be your authentic self but be it in different
places than usual. Change is good…

Regardless of its position in your life today, the Seven of
Wands tells you that sometimes, being yourself and stating your mind can cause
bumps in the road, but you will get past all of them as long as what you
present is genuine and respectful. 
You have the skills and reserves required to get past anything; big or small,
and to embrace any change it may bring so, be yourself.

Peace out…