Good morning, Lovelies. Today we have messages…

Good morning, Lovelies. Today we have messages of Forceful Energy, Assertion, Legality
Tarot of the Day: King of Swords

This King embodies the intellect, philosophy, and creativity of his suit. Wings suggest these “higher graces” and the King of Swords is surrounded by these symbols. Like other court cards, he can represent an actual individual in your life; likely a darker haired, mature male, authority figure – one who is opinionated and forceful. If this is the case, today, expect this person to be unwavering in their stance.

If this card indicates this behaviour in yourself, then, check your stance to ensure it is accurate Display your leadership by enlisting the help of experts where needed and being aware of the circumstances and opinions of the others involved.

💚 At work, you may find there is a man of this description whose interactions with you leave you feeling irritated or otherwise diminished. Consider this person’s personality in its entirety and/or the requirements of their position before you take offence; they are likely just doing their job in a straightforward manner.

💙 Today you may find that you or your partner is forcefully opinionated. If it’s your partner, secure your boundaries, focus on the intellectual aspects of the conversation rather than the emotional.
If it’s you, make sure you respect your partner and their mental state – if you feel an argument brewing, step back and make sure you haven’t crossed over from assertive to aggressive.

🧡 However the King appears in your day, the situation will require his type of skill; possibly legal action or work related.
Employ creative solutions, be considerate of the emotions of the others involved, and the success of the situation will be yours.
Peace out…