Nonbinary November Tarot Challenge


I’ve been having such a great time doing @tarotprose’s
amazing #MonthOfSpreads2 challenge that it inspired me to design another Tarot challenge
to do in November.

As the holidays get closer, I tend to creep back toward the
closet with regards to my gender. I throw on dresses more even when they make
me uncomfortable and style my hair more like a pixie cut – not like the crew
cut it is. I do this because I want the holidays to be fun and avoid conflict but
the price I pay is not being fully myself in those moments. I wanted to set the
tone but creating a challenge that helps me focus on my gender and being true
to it even when the pressures of family and friends of friends make that hard.

Cis folks are welcome to participate. We all have
complicated relationships with gender and how we perform it, even those who
identify with their assigned gender. Examining it can help us unpack in what
ways we uphold oppression too. Just know this challenge is created for trans folks,
nonbinary ones in particular.

Use the hashtag #NonbinaryNovemberTarotChallenge

I’ll be randomly selecting 3 people who post their readings
in that tag to win readings from me; one small (3-5 cards), one medium (6-8
cards), one large (10-14 cards). So the more you complete, the more likely you are to win. I’ll draw for the readings on December 4th so you’ll have a chance to catch up if you wish.

Complete the challenge at your own pace. Work ahead, skip
days, catch up in a marathon session.

For brevity’s sake, prompts are below the cut. Happy Divining! 

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