Good morning, Lovelies! Today is a card about …

morning, Lovelies! Today is a card about Fulfilment, Abundance, Sensuality
Tarot of the Day: The Empress

Ruled by Venus, the Empress is an archetype of feminine power; she is creative,
mysterious, fertile, Intuitive, sensual and sexual.
She speaks to a need to be in touch with your feminine side, listen to your
intuition, and give priority to your emotions and passions. She can signify
coming abundance or fertility.

She is a nurturing, loving problem solver, and indicates a similar energy in
you, so don’t be surprised if people are more attracted to you – in every
sense. Attracted by your creativity, your wisdom, your humour, or your sex
appeal, you will find them literally at your doorstep seeking your advice or

💚 At
work – and everywhere, really – people will be inspired by your ideas and
passions so let your inner voice guide you on how to proceed. Follow your
bliss, today, and the rest will resolve itself. 

💙 Both
men and women will be very attracted to you today – not just romantically but
for friendship, as well. Whether single or not, be honest and responsible as
you share the powerful force you wield today.

🧡 The
Empress is all about rejoicing in the senses and embracing the primal and
Accept and share the energy she brings today as this is a perfect day to simply
enjoy being you.
Peace out…