I dont have a witchy tumblr but if one wanted …

I dont have a witchy tumblr but if one wanted to get into tarot how would they go about it? Do you need like special talent?

1. No special talent needed, just a desire to learn. Books and just doing readings (dive right in, with a book in hand!) are your friends (or at least are mine bc those are the ways I learn best), or online courses like Little Red Tarot’s, etc.

Learning to read tarot is really just learning to read a new language/system of understanding the world…except it’s a symbolic, image based language. It takes study and practice. Some people pick it up faster than others, but that doesn’t make anyone better or worse.

My suggestion of a good beginners book that isn’t overwhelming is Kitchen Table Tarot. After that, to go deeper, 78 Degrees of Wisdom or Holistic Tarot. But again, that’s just me & my suggestions. All of this is assuming you’re interested in learning the English system of tarot, which is the Rider Waite Smith & Thoth decks. If you’re more interested in the French/European system (marseille tarot decks), then I have different suggestions.

2. Having a specifically tarot or witchy tumblr has no role in learning or not learning tarot. You do you! That said, joining some kind of community is also helpful for a lot of folks, like here on tumblr or IG or in person. I run meet up groups for tarot in my city, and spend a lot of time on IG now (verses tumblr, which I only venture back on to when I get a question like this).