Good morning, Lovelies. Prepare to be Victorio…

Good morning, Lovelies.
Prepare to be Victorious and Lauded for your efforts, today! 
Tarot of the Day: Six of Wands

This Six heralds triumph, victory, and success
in your endeavours. You may have been inundated with troubles and worried that
you are overmatched by them but, this Six indicates that you will have a
victorious overcoming of the hurdles you have been
jumping and the dragons you have been slaying.

It is also a gentle reminder that grace and
magnanimity should accompany your success. Ensure you don’t get so lost in your
celebrations that you alienate the ones who supported and believed in you.

💚 At work, the Six of Wands heralds an increase
in remuneration or recognition. Both are currency; spend it and save it wisely.

💙 If your relationship – or lack of one – is your
focus, today, take heart. This card shows barriers being overcome and a close
and happy bond.

🧡 Wherever the Six speaks to you, his message is
the same: you are where you are because you slay dragons, overcome demons, and
do the right thing. Embrace the sense of accomplishment and joy and share it.
The world needs the gifts that only YOU can offer.

Peace out…