Good morning! Today is a day of Honesty, Indep…

Good morning! Today is a
day of Honesty, Independence, Perception
Tarot of the Day: Queen of  Air /Swords

This Queen embodies
strength, independence, and intellect. She is mature, philosophical, and well
respected for her accurate perceptions. She is analytical and a gifted problem
solver. Like all of her suit, she cuts through the surrounding detritus to get
to the core of the issue, but she does it with grace and concern. She is the
soul of wit, the mother of invention, a seat of wisdom, and the source of the
will to achieve higher purposes.

If she represents a person
in your life, that person is likely female or has a strong connection with
their feminine side. If she is you she is telling you it is time to seek
counsel from your inner Queen of Swords; connect with your inner voice and
listen to its wisdom.

If work is your focus today, you may find yourself solving
problems and discovering truths all over the place. The key to the day is to
share your impressions only with the people involved – and only if asked.

In love, this Queen warns of being too urgent, too forceful, or
sharing too much truth too soon. Be careful that the timing is right. ‘Cutting
to the truth’ can also shred any romance so, pay as much attention to your
partner’s cues as you are to everything else. Your mother may be an issue in
your relationship – concerns about her interfering, whether intentionally or
not, could pose a problem. Be clear and respectful and set your boundaries.

Whether she is your inner voice, or – more likely – a wise
counsellor, this Queen reminds you that she is here to help you through the
day. Seek her wise counsel; you’ll be glad you did.
Peace out, Lovelies…