Good morning, Lovelies! Today seek Balance, Fa…

Good morning, Lovelies!
Today seek Balance, Fairness, and Equality
Tarot of the Day: Justice

Justice is about Karma and balance in the many aspects of your
life. It speaks to accountability and integrity. If you have been kind and
generous with others, then you will have that returned to you today as a gift
or a repaid debt. If you feel there is an area of your life in which you have
been unbalanced or unfair, take responsibility and rectify it as soon as

This card may also indicate
a balance in official or legal matters. If you are waiting to hear news of a
legal matter in which you are directly involved, the issue will be resolved
largely in your favour.

Justice reminds you to maintain a balance between work and home,
logic and emotion, focus and relaxation; too much emphasis on one will throw
the other off balance. Ensure that a fair balance is happening overall.

If you are in a relationship and questioning its benefits, this
card usually indicates that the time has come to move on. Take a clear look at
your relationship and its issues to ensure you are being fair to both of you.

Today, be objective, honest, and logical and then make the
decision that is necessary, not comfortable. Remember that the fair and ethical
treatment of people extends to yourself so, strive to be fair with everyone
today – including you.
Peace out…