Good morning, Lovelies. Today is about Perseve…

morning, Lovelies. Today is about Perseverance, Destiny, and Reward
Tarot of the Day: Seven of Pentacles/Discs

This card is about being the architect of your
destiny. It appears when the time has come to harness the energy you have been
working to create and direct it to achieve your highest good. You will soon
reap some rewards, and, although they may not be as ‘rich’ as you may have hoped, you’ll be pleased with the

So much is
likely to go well for you today that you may find yourself needing to choose
where to focus your energy. This can be a pivotal decision so be sure you know
where you want to go next. Choose wisely and with conviction.

💚 At work, this Seven heralds a time of success.
Things are going smoothly, finances are secure, and you are being recognized
for your dedication and effort. Keep focus and know you deserve the rewards of
your work.

💙 If you are in a relationship, today is a good
time to show your partner your gratitude for the successes you have shared. 
If you are
‘unattached’ and pining for someone in particular, today is a good day to be
open to moving on and finding someone more open to you. Single or not, if
suspicion or fear rear their heads today, don’t give them any energy – all is

🧡 Today won’t bring a huge lottery win or
promotion but it’s the kind of day that brings happiness, security, and renews
your spirit. 
What you
put into the world is coming back to you today so, share what you have and
accept gratefully what you are given.
Peace out…