Good morning! Today is about Resolving Conflic…

Good morning! Today is
about Resolving Conflict, Competition, Compromise
Tarot of the Day: Five of Wands

This card speaks to
a situation involving many strong and/or passionate personalities which may be
on the verge of breaking down. While it’s possible it refers to a family issue
or a romantic rival, it’s a power struggle and it more likely refers to your

The situation doesn’t have
to end with chaos. Don’t get drawn into the melee. Take the time to understand
where you and the others are coming from and you can all end up shining as
individuals while still achieving your common goal.

At work, compete but play fair and acknowledge others when they
excel. Don’t let yourself get pulled into a power play. Remember that although
an underhanded or desperate play may win you the moment, it won’t be permanent
so, accept that this success may take more time and trust that your
contribution is being seen.

You may have romantic rivals in love or find that you have many
suitors vying for your attention. Either way, stay above the fray – don’t let
the competition stir you to behave in ways that are not your true self. Enjoy
the moment but be clear with your own intentions.

Wherever you find Five today, remember that competition and
struggle can block the full view of any situation. Take the time to step back,
see things behind the struggle as they truly are , and react as your genuine
self. Oh, and don’t stress – you’ve got this.

Peace out,