Good morning! Today is about Energy, Purpose, …

Good morning! Today is
about Energy, Purpose, Resolution. 
Tarot of the Day: King of Wands

The King of Wands is
a charismatic, confident, and wise figure of authority. He is the worldly voice
of knowledge gained through experience and resonates with adventurous, creative
energy. He is the embodiment of natural leadership, gifted mediation, and masterful
at energetic focus.

He is most likely a
reference to someone who will aid you, today, in achieving or furthering your
goals. Likely an older man with light or silver hair, who will assist you in
directing today’s abundant energy for your highest good.

If he represents
you, he speaks to a need to tap into your inner strength and let the lessons of
the past, not the issues, be your guide.

At work, you may find yourself aided in solving a dispute. Be
open to the advice of those you trust – even if the are a little rough around
the edges. This King can also herald a possible financial windfall – likely a
result of an idea you fostered or a creative project you started. 
If you’ve ever considered starting your own business, this can be a sign that the
time is ripe so foster that possibility with research and plant the seeds.

There is romance in simplicity and truth. You may feel a wave of
gratitude and protectiveness for your partner today. If so, take the time to
tell them. If you are in a relationship where work or obstacles regarding work
have made your relationship harder, now is a good time to tell them how much you
appreciate their support and willingness to adapt.

Whether he represents the energy surrounding you today or a
literal person in it, King of Wands will have you feeling ambitious and goal
-oriented. Go with it – you have the support and the wherewithal to achieve;
think positively and dream big – fortune favours the bold.

Peace out, Lovelies…