Good Morning! Today is a day of Stability, Ben…

Good Morning! Today is a
day of Stability, Benevolence, Maturity
Tarot of the Day: The Emperor

This card indicates
a need for a logical and organized approach to your day. There are times when
we all wish we could let our hearts rule but, today, you must practice
self-discipline and listen to your head. In short, today is, unfortunately, a
day for ‘adulting’ to come first.

The Emperor represents powerful
male energy that exudes calm, logic, and self -discipline. He is the embodiment of benevolent
leadership, loving kindness, and fatherly guidance.
Whether he refers to an older man; a father figure, a mentor, or a lover with
these qualities or to a need to focus on these qualities in yourself, you may
find that assertiveness and rationality are required for you to handle a

💚  At work, things should
be going as well as you think. Pay close attention to guidelines and details,
and follow through with each project.

💙  You may find yourself
falling for someone more mature and settled than you are; they may also be
older. If it feels like you aren’t connecting or that they don’t take you
seriously, be patient and let them see your genuine inner Emperor.

Authority (or lack
of) has played a large role in the shaping of your life. Don’t be surprised if
you find yourself, looking to that figure, accessing your own inner authority
figure, or facing the issues you have with authority.

🧡  Today, revel not just in the sense of
accomplishment you will get from completing a task but also in the self-control
that you exercised to achieved it. If you can master yourself then you should
have little problem mastering the world and all the things in it. 
Look at you doing all the things! Awesome adulting!

Peace out, Lovelies…