Good morning Lovelies! Today we experience Enl…

Good morning Lovelies!
Today we experience Enlightenment, Vitality, and Joy
Tarot of the Day: The Sun

The Sun heralds vitality
and being filled with radiant joy, energy, invigoration, and good health. 
You are entering a time of enlightenment, confidence, and self-expression.
Truth is key to this time so be sure all your interactions are as truthful and
authentic as possible. 
It will be easy for you to see the beauty, joy, and happiness that can be found
in life so share those observations today – particularly with those who are
struggling to find them.

The Sun manifests
enlightened change and opportunities. It illuminates the details of your life,
showing you the truth, and bringing energy, solutions, and renewal to pending
issues. This is likely to give you a feeling of immense freedom and hope. If
you have been waiting for someone else’s decision before moving forward with
something, the Sun is a good sign that you will now be free to move ahead.

At work, this can mean you will have an opportunity to shine.
Remember to include in any credit or reward, those who helped you succeed –
even if you feel it was small contributions. 
If you are looking for work, the Sun indicates a new job is right around the

If love is your focus today, don’t be surprised if you are
feeling particularly happy with and attracted to your partner. Beam all that
joy and warmth in their direction and let them catch your fab mood! It’ll
likely result in a sexy, celebratory feeling between you…

The Sun brings its warm, positive, energy to all aspects of your
day and highlights all possibilities for you. Embrace those possibilities today
without hesitation – say yes to life.
Peace out…