Good morning, Lovelies!  Today’s message…

Good morning,
Lovelies!  Today’s messages are of
Practicality, Finances, and the Female Archetype

Tarot of the Day: Queen of

This Queen embodies home,
hearth, and motherhood. She is nurturing, practical, and well respected for
being organised and financially adroit. Like others of her suit, she represents
the safety and stability of tangible life, but she does it with strength and
joy. She is the soul of generosity, the mother of all, the seat of ancient
motherhood, and a source of unconquerable strength.

She brings with her a
reminder that in order to achieve your goals you must be unafraid of the change
or journey that could lie ahead. If you have a pragmatic, wise, earth-mother
type in your life seek and accept their advice in these matters and your success
is assured. If not, seek your inner Queen of Discs and let her provide the
strength and conviction you require.

💚 In work, she speaks to generosity and comfort. If there is a female
energy at your workplace with dark hair and/or eyes, trust her to be an ally
for you. Try personalising your workspace a little if it’s possible – this will
allow others to better understand you and you to feel more comfortable.

💙 If love is your focus today, Queen speaks to being practical. Do not
chase love or affection. You are enough. Being someone else will attract
someone with whom you will never be able to be free. Living the life you want
is the best way to find someone who shares your interests and views. Be

🧡 Whether she represents an actual person in your life or is simply a
herald, the energy this Queen characterises is open, patient, and encouraging.

Love and trust yourself as
“she” does; know that you deserve all the good things that are

Peace out…