Good morning! Today we look at Greatness, Burd…

morning! Today we look at Greatness, Burden, Perspective
Tarot of the Day: Ten of Wands

This card appears when you are carrying too much
at once. Always saying yes to people may seem helpful or noble but in reality,
it’s not possible to achieve or complete ‘everything’. The time has come to
stop, get perspective on your situation today; see the situation as it truly is and lighten your load – literally
or figuratively.

accepting burdens that distract you from your focus. People ask you to help
them with their loads because they value your input (and your seemingly
constant availability) but, if you become overburdened with the issues of others
you will be unable to help anyone – least of all yourself. In all aspects of
your life today, the message of this card is the same: Be selective and choose
that which allows you to actually achieve your higher purpose.

💚  If your
workload has increased, or you are struggling with additional tasks that aren’t
part of your usual workload, speak up. This card indicates a possibility that
your own work will suffer as a result of the increase. If you feel full already
and are asked to do more today, ask for help completing and/or prioritising;
management will appreciate your candour.

💙  In
love, the Ten signals a particularly ‘hard part’. This could be something your
partner is going through personally but, usually, this card appears when there
is something in your relationship that needs to be adjusted. Neither of you
will gain from ignoring something so talk, see it from each others perspective
and start working it out. 

🧡  Whatever
the issue today, set your boundaries lovingly but definitively and forge ahead
to your potential; you may be pleasantly surprised by the support you receive
from others.

Peace out, Lovelies…