Good Morning! Today is about Completion, Satis…

Good Morning!
Today is about Completion, Satisfaction, and Growth
Tarot of the Day: The World

The World is
an indicator of inexorable change; change that is predestined and initiated by
the successful end to this cycle of your life. It is a good end to the old and
a desirable beginning to the new. Look to all areas of your life today and see
where things have grown stagnant and end the cycle.

This card
speaks of growing maturity, inner balance, and a deeper understanding of who
you are at your deepest core. It shows that you are well prepared to move
forward so do not give up now. You are getting closer to who you are at your
deepest core.

💚 At work, you may be working too hard for too little
return. Blow your own horn a little so the powers that be can see your
contributions. If you are feeling constricted by a lack of balance between pay
and responsibilities, do some research on similar positions elsewhere and
present it to your boss or consider changing companies.

💙 In love, this card speaks to hurdles successfully
overcome. Have you and your partner solved a large problem or passed a
relationship milestone? Acknowledge it for what you learned and move forward.

🧡 Whether a literal or spiritual journey, today’s
path was earned through hard work and will be a life changing event. Know that
the Universe is giving you what you asked and worked for so, trust it not to
turn you on your head without first providing a net. Enjoy the journey.
Peace out, Lovelies…