Good morning, Lovelies! Today is about Abundan…

Good morning,
Lovelies! Today is about Abundance, Prosperity, Success
Tarot of the Day: Nine of Discs/ Earth/ Pentacles

This card
speaks of financial security but also an abundance of life riches; friendship,
love, support, and general happiness. Although it speaks in a solitary way,
it’s not about loneliness but about independence and individuality.

You may be
feeling a general dissatisfaction with your circumstances. The Nine is here to
tell you that the project or solution you have been working toward will be
successful when completed and relieve you of the stress you have been feeling.

💚 You will be rewarded for all your
efforts and achievement at work. This could mean a promotion, a raise, or a new
job that is your ideal; rewarding on all levels.

💙 If you are in a long-term
relationship, this Nine may indicate an opportunity to reach new levels of
intimacy and joy. 
If you are hoping love will find you, Nine’s energy certainly points to that
happening. Share the energy and happiness you are feeling.

🧡 Nine reminds you to measure all
of your riches – the physical as well as the spiritual – when you are
evaluating your life. 
Work hard but balance it with the other aspects of your life and remember to
share that which you have in abundance; the Universe will reward you in ways
beyond your knowing.
Peace out…