Good Morning, Lovelies! Today is about Success…

Good Morning, Lovelies! Today is about Success, Abundance, and
the Male Archetype
Tarot of the Day: King of Pentacles

This King embodies confidence, success,
and authority. He is accomplished, wise, and respected for his worldly
experience. His lust for life reminds us that we are more than spirit. Like all
of his suit, he concerns himself with measures of abundance in life, and is
replete with worldly pleasures of food, sex, and coin. He is the soul of
virility, the father of nature, the seat of earthly
desires, and a source of the will to live life to the fullest.

He brings with him a reminder that to achieve your goals you
must be unafraid of your nature and base instincts. Embrace them so you know
what and when to indulge or to restrain. If you have a mature, money – wise,
earth-father type in your life, seek and accept his advice in these matters. 
If not, seek your inner King of Pentacles and let him guide you.

💚 At
work, there may be an older, established man who will play a pivotal role in
your success. He responds well to others who have his lust for life but don’t
overdo it and let it become a vice. Find the balance and do your best today-
it’ll be well worth the effort. You may also receive a financial windfall,
promotion, or income increase.

💙 If
you are in a relationship, today is a good day to make time to enjoy each other
in genuine, natural ways; eat some rich food, drink a little wine, and revel in
each other’s bodies. You can leave most other things to be dealt with tomorrow.
Today, prioritize each other.

🧡 The
call of earthly pleasures will likely be distracting to you today. By all
means, ‘adult’ and focus on things that need to get done but there is nothing
wrong with listening to the call when you can. 
Live, Love, Laugh. You can’t fight Father Nature…
Peace out…