A good card for Beltane!Good morning! Today is…

A good card for Beltane!

Good morning! Today is
about Destiny, Cycles, New Direction
Tarot of the Day: The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel represents a
change of destiny which indicates positive, needed changes of larger
issues/conditions. Change is part of the natural cycle of life and Wheel speaks
to the “…what goes around, comes around” cycle and its impact on
life in general.
It tells you that you will soon discover an opportunity to change paths
towards personal growth and happiness.

Today is a good day to
remember to live in the now, count your blessings, and accept the parts of life
that are outside of your control. If you can’t alter it, roll with it. 
Be ready to change your ways of thinking, because whether or not your actions
appear to bring immediate success, they represent beneficial change.

💚 When The Wheel appears in your career, it points to being
called to follow your dreams. Now is the time for a bold move toward fulfilling
your ideal. If you can’t take the leap and jump into your dream job, create an
opportunity to connect with someone who can point you in the right direction.

💙 If you are in a relationship, it may be time to revisit your
expectations of one another. As The Wheel turns, it can sometimes change the
alignment of partnerships. This doesn’t mean it’s doomed, just that an honest
talk and reconnect would be beneficial.

🧡 The Wheel reminds us that, in reality, nothing is up and down
but merely going through its natural cycle. If you feel the anxiety of
change, remember things can’t get better without it.
Embrace the changes for the better and enjoy the new path the Universe has
prepared for you; it’s going to be good!

Peace out, Lovelies…