Good morning!  Today is a good day for Initiat…

Good morning!  Today is a good day for Initiative,
Attention, and Skill…
Tarot of the Day: Page of Pentacles

This Page is
trustworthy, practical, and unafraid to embrace a world of physical pleasure.  Either as a person or a portent, she represents intelligence,
diligence, and focus; even if the task is tedious. In fact, the temptation to
do something to “shake things up” is a sign of how bored she’s been feeling…

If she is acting as
a Page, she brings good news of a change in the tedium of your routine. If she
represents you, then it’s time to refocus on the task at hand and complete it
before seeking out something ‘more fun’.

Rethink any urges to
‘shake things up’, and find a better use for your energy. Excitement can be
created without also creating drama. If you need attention –
either from your friends, family, or partner – be honest about how you feel.

💚  In work she speaks to
buckling down. The task at hand is daunting and the timeline is tight; this is
splitting your focus and cutting into your timeline. Focus and you will find
the time you need.

💙  Whether you are single
or not, the idea of love may be boring or lacklustre, today. This could be that
stuck feeling or it could be due to a need to release some ties of the past (an
ex for example). Whatever the cause, be sure to be honest with yourself and
others about your feelings if/when you share them.

🧡  Regardless of whether
she speaks to excitement, tedium, or practical restraint, the Page of Pentacles
heralds an end to whatever rut you’ve been in. Let passion meet initiative, finish
the task at hand, and then go play!

Peace out,