Good morning! Today’s message is of  Vigilance…

Good morning!
Today’s message is of  Vigilance,
Anxiety, Inner Strength
Tarot of the Day: Nine of Wands

indicates anxiety and concern over possible conflict. This is likely happening
in the less critical aspects of your personal or professional life; a tense
situation at work, a conflict brewing with a friend or a sibling/parent, or
tension in your relationship.

As the card
suggests, this is the time to rally your reserves. Take a deep breath, release
the anxiety and be calm. Try not to let the anxiety make the situation seem
bigger than it is. Rethink it logically; separate the issues into that which
you can control and that which you cannot – then deal only with the former.
Then, if you do need to speak up, you can be clear, set your boundaries, and
minimise tension/conflict.

💚 If things are tense at work, take
a breath and think before speaking. Be sure you are calm and logical so that
your contribution does not escalate the tension.

💙 The same will work in your
relationship. Consider if you have been feeling the need to request your
partner to make many personal changes lately. If this is the case, today is the
perfect time to rethink whether the changes are theirs to make, yours to make,
or if they are indicators of a greater change being needed.

If you are
looking for love, be patient; this is a good time to heal old wounds and
patterns. When you are emotionally healthy you will attract someone who is also
Know your values and do not sacrifice them for short term gains.

🧡 Take a breath, stay on your toes,
and go about your day knowing that whatever the challenge turns out to be,
you’re more than prepared to handle it. Breathe… you’ve got this.

Peace out,