Good morning! Today is about Prosperity, Equit…

Good morning! Today is
about Prosperity, Equity, and Generosity
Tarot of the Day: Six of Discs / Earth/ Pentacles

This Six shows
things are taking a turn ‘upward’ for you. It points to this turn coming either
from someone else’s need to give to you in order to restore balance or, a need
for you to give in order to create balance. While it represents a need for
generosity, it’s less about philanthropy and the giving for the sake of giving
and more about equity, and compassion.

Mutually beneficial
energy is the key to this card. The joy of giving what is needed and ‘deserved’
can illuminate the next steps on your path and renew your inspiration. Equally,
receiving assistance that returns a balance to the situation will bring a
feeling of fairness and equity.

💚 If work and/or finances are your concern, relief is sure to
begin today. This is the perfect time to seek improvement through an authority
figure; ask the bank for the loan you want to start your own business or ask
your boss for a raise.

💙 In love, Six heralds the happiness that grows from security,
balance, and a strong foundation. Make an effort to connect with your partner
today and remind each other of the ways in which what you both give contributes
to your success together

🧡 Whether you are called upon to give or to receive, today, do so
freely and with the knowledge that the Universe always returns to you what you
freely give.

Peace out,