Good Morning! Today calls for your Witty, Crea…

Good Morning! Today calls
for your Witty, Creative, Adventurous side
Tarot of the Day: Page of Wands

This Page represents the
lively energy, passionate philosophy, and fearless adventurousness of youth. If
she represents an actual person in your life, it is a warm, ambitious, high
achiever with deep loyalty and a youthful love of learning. They will bring you
news that inspires you and brings you joy. If she is you, succumb to her
charismatic call and embrace the desire to leap to action.

In all areas, the Page
encourages being adventurous and ambitious in starting new projects using your
creativity, enthusiasm, and courage. Today is a day to believe in your dreams,
focus on your path, and move fearlessly ahead.

💚 If work or finances concern you, the job or project you have
been waiting to hear about will likely be yours – and will be even more
enjoyable than you initially thought. Finances will improve due to a good deed
or some other form of positive energy you put into the world.

💙 In love, it’s time to abandon the things that prevent you from
feeling vital and positive. This can mean everything from habits to people.
This is a good time to reassess a problematic relationship; remind yourself of
what you wanted from and with a partner and boldly correct your course where

🧡 This Page brings and inspires positive energy. Embrace it,
revel in it, and direct it to move forward in your life for your highest good.
Peace out, Lovelies…