Good Morning! Today we look at Stability, Pros…

Good Morning!
Today we look at Stability, Prosperity, Gratitude  
Tarot of the Day: Ten of Pentacles/Discs

This ten is a
very positive card that speaks, initially, to your financial needs being met
and possibly exceeding your expectation, and then to your emotional well-being.
This is a financial gain that may surprise you or one that comes to you in a
way you didn’t expect.

These things
are inextricably bound to your close ties to your family or friends and in
their involvement in your business/finances, the work/time they invested,
and/or their emotional support of your endeavours. So, share your success with
them – and others – even if it’s as simple as kind words of support.

💚 You may receive a raise at work
or, a better position with increased pay may suddenly appear; one that is more
enjoyable on all levels for you. 
This is also an excellent omen if you are looking for work. It marks the
arrival of the ideal position for you – don’t give up – it’s around the corner.

💙 If you are in a relationship this
card can indicate a new level of commitment – engagement, marriage,
cohabitating, and childbirth can be indicated. Be sure to share with your
partner, your how much they mean to you.
If you are looking for a mate, be open; one may be arriving so fast it makes
your head spin.

🧡 Regardless of the way the Ten
reveals itself to you today, celebrate the success with those who matter to you
and share your feelings of happy contentment with everyone you can. Exercise
Peace out, Lovelies…