Good morning! Today we examine Regret, Outlook…

Good morning! Today we examine Regret, Outlook, and Highest Good
Tarot of the Day: 5 of Water/ Cups

The Five of Cups tells you it’s time to change your focus, free yourself from baggage from the past, and move on. Regret, loss, and disappointment are natural feelings when something you work or wish for doesn’t succeed but sometimes, you can get stuck in that focus, forget what you DO have, and even miss the opportunity to move on to greater things.

If you have been avoiding the truth of something, it is time to face it. If you regret past behaviour and have done everything you can to make amends, it’s time to let it go.
If you have been searching for closure on something and not finding it, this may be the time to accept that closure, in the way you hoped for it, may not be “in the cards” for this situation.

💚 This card can be a message that you are in the wrong job. If you are finding things at work tense or you have to talk yourself into getting there every day, now would be a good time to consider what you want to do instead and put that in motion.
If you are looking for work, delays are definitely going to happen so, keep focussed on the positive. No news is good news, right now.

💙 If you have been looking for a relationship, consider taking a step back for now. This is an excellent time to reassess your “wishlist” and ensure it has what you really want for your highest good; one that is truly meant for you is the only sustainable relationship.  

🧡 Wherever the Five speaks to you, today, the message is clear; embrace your highest good, release the weight of the past, and begin to feel the lightness of freedom.
Peace out, Lovelies…