Good Morning! Today is about Completion, Insig…

Good Morning!
Today is about Completion, Insight, and Growth
Tarot of the Day: The World

The World is
an indicator of change that is long worked for, and awaited. It is a good end
to the old and a desirable beginning to the new. When referring to a literal or
material path, it appears when you have achieved the ultimate status of your
focus. You graduated, got promoted, or somehow completed a required level of
development that will now be celebrated.

Regarding a
spiritual or metaphorical journey, it speaks of growing maturity, inner
balance, and a deeper understanding of who you are at your core. It shows that
you are well prepared to move forward.

💚 At work, you may be working too hard for too little
return. Blow your own horn a little so the powers that be can see your
contributions. If you are feeling constricted by a lack of balance between pay
and responsibilities, do some research on similar positions elsewhere and
present it to your boss or, consider changing companies.

💙 In love, this card speaks to hurdles successfully
overcome. Have you and your partner solved a large problem or passed a
relationship milestone? Acknowledge it for what you learned and move forward.
Share your newfound wisdom where you can.

🧡 Whether a literal or metaphoric journey, today’s
path was carved by hard work and it’ll be a game changer. Know that the
Universe is giving you what you asked and worked for so, celebrate you and your

Peace out,