Good morning! Today we consider Certainty, Str…

Good morning! Today we consider Certainty,
Structure, Resisting Change

Tarot of the Day: Four of Pentacles

This Four
basically represents holding onto what you have earned/ worked for. In many
cases this can be a positive thing; holding safe and close, the money, relationships,
position, respect, etc. that you have worked to maintain. However, it also
indicates a need to review whether it’s in an appropriate and healthy way.  Are you creating boundaries or limitations? Do
you ‘own’ your space or just feel the need to be in control?

As with most of the
Pentacle cards, the Four tends to be involved with tangible possessions. If you
are in a relationship, house, job, etc. because of money or possessions, then
the Four is telling you that the time has come to review what you are holding onto
and why. Sometimes, we outgrow the thing that makes us feel secure and it
becomes the thing that is trapping us.

At work, you are likely doing something you don’t like or is
even having a negative impact on your life, simply to put food on the table. You
will soon be able to change your situation. Believe it can be better. Be brave
and informed to make a decision for your higher good.

If your relationship is your focus today, then the Four
signifies that one or both of you are fearful and hanging on too tightly. Relax
your grip and allow things to flow naturally. Love will not grow or even
survive in a stranglehold. Talk to each other; allow each other the space to be
yourselves and things will feel more secure.

Holding tightly to what you have, can be practical and ethical
or it can blind you to not just the need for change but, to opportunities, as
well. Whatever you are holding on to, the Four says it’s time to relax your grip,
trust the Universe and yourself.  Your
roots are strong, now see where they need to be flexible .

Peace out,