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Card of Meditation: The Moon reversed. The Ru…

Card of Meditation: The Moon reversed.

The Ruler of Flux and Reflux. Pisces–the emotionally elastic sign of fluctuation. Wild wolves howl under Luna’s gaze. Towers of Severity and Mercy lock away arcane knowledge. A turbulent river escorts anything in its path forcibly down the riverbed towards the ocean shore.

In its reversal the ego is disturbed. Our ever present fears are actively trying to fight off Luna’s influence, which only makes her stronger. An unwillingness to submit to lunacy means for erroneous and damaging situations. It’s through the process of darkness and madness that we can find the inner light of The Sun.

The Hermetic Tarot (1980, Godfrey Dowson)

Hello, I'd like a reading please. Recentl…

Hello, I'd like a reading please. Recently I've been feeling very stuck in my life so I'd like to know what I should do to regain some sense of purpose or direction? What should I focus on now or direct my energy towards to make progress towards a more fulfilled me? Thank you.

Thank you for a precise question. It’s good to see that you recognise you have the power to act and influence the direction of your life. This recognition alone is a strong starting point for moving toward a more fulfilled you.

Past – Temperance, reversed

Lack of balance or control, a sense of discordance or chaos – maybe this is why you are currently feeling stuck? A lack of direction or specific drive in the past lead to taking on too much or spreading yourself thin which gave you temporary satisfaction, but now you seek a purpose or the fulfilment of a long-term goal. Because you no longer have the satisfaction of these different outlets, there is the feeling of being stuck in the present because you are not seeing immediate results. You should take time to consider what you would like to achieve, and work on setting yourself some long-term goals. Perhaps make a to-do list of smaller milestones along the way – this will help to keep up the satisfaction and help you to remember that you are on track. Or maybe you do enjoy keeping up with many smaller endeavours but simply feel that this is not “correct” and feel unsatisfied because you do not feel the need for long-term achievements which is an idea that society promotes as being a key to happiness.

Present – The Star, reversed

In the present, there seems to be an inability to let go of things and start moving forward. This lines up with the past being filled with many endeavours. It is clear that you do not know where to focus your attention as the Star, reversed, speaks of the need for a plan. However, looking toward the future card…

Future – The Tower, reversed

The Tower, reversed, speaks of comfort and stability, an expected outcome. Without coming up with long-term plans, the future seems largely the same. Feeling stuck, this doesn’t seem to be what you are hoping for. You need to consider what aspects of your life you are unhappy with or would like to see change, and then begin forging plans to do so. Remember though, if you are happy with the way things are, you do not need to invite change simply because you feel this is what is expected of you. You should not compare yourself to others and aim to achieve the same milestones as everyone else. You have one life to lead and you should do what makes you happy.

Summary –

Spreading yourself thin leads to a feeling of lack of direction, but this does not mean that you are not doing good work or using your time wisely. As long as you keep doing what makes you happy, you should not worry about hitting milestones or setting in place long-term goals if these are not what you truly want. If, however, you are unhappy with aspects of your life it is within your power to change them. Start considering what you want to change and begin to make plans towards this change. If so, remember to tick off smaller goals along the way so that you do not lose that short-term satisfaction that seems to drive you and help keep you on track. Thanks for letting me read for you, and I hope that this helps you in some way, Anon.

I’d love to get back into daily card pul…

I’d love to get back into daily card pulls, so here’s an effort 😅

Card of Meditation: Three of Rods.

This card is often described as one who’s in waiting. They may wait for past actions to unfold or are readying themselves for answers to come. But, what if they were waiting indefinitely? The state of mind this would create might be a softness of heart, yet strength of will, and eventual acceptance of conditions.

This card may be named by the word “integrity”. It’s a matter of always being at peace regardless of the condition of things. This requires a strong moral compass and undying hope for what might be or what may never will be.

The Aquarian Tarot (1970, David Palladini)

Hello, I have been dormant with my updates for…

Hello, I have been dormant with my updates for sometime now. My relationship with Tarot has been very distant as well. I consider it a natural and necessary break that will happen every so often.

Card of Meditation: The Fool
An irresponsible handling of power. One who looks in the wrong directions before taking a leap of faith. Listen to the warning signs around you as they are trying to help your cause. No matter how you try to prepare, you may fall to opposing forces regardless. What could save you is your own passionate spirit swept up in these moments of ignorance… or bliss.

The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot (1910, A.E. Waite and Pamela Colman Smith)

21 – Mountain Obstacle, a dilemma, a delay, la…

21 – Mountain
Obstacle, a dilemma, a delay, landscape

It’s time for me to get back to work on this project!

Okay, so I have a question about cartomancy (I…

Okay, so I have a question about cartomancy (I hope it makes sense) if you were to give a general description of someone's personality, would it makes sense to remove the face cards and only use them for the reading or should I still use the entire deck?

Hello! You can really do either options.

When you specifically pull cards out of the deck and knowingly place them into positions in Tarot spreads we call these cards ‘significators’. They signify an aspect of something we would like to put into question. In regards to someone’s personality, a court card to represent them could be placed—the cards that fall around them in the spread would be random.

Another option is to section off cards in the deck, such as pulling out only major cards, only numbered pip cards, or only court cards. This is quite useful if you want to narrow the ‘output’ information of your ‘input’ question. Limiting cards to court cards can help you understand nuance to personality when you pull 1-2 cards from the 16. For example, you could do the Sun Moon Star Tarot spread with court cards only to see which personas dominate the known and hidden selves.

If you’re going for something general it may be best to simplify. Just use all the cards, and only pull one. Ask one specific open-ended question (who, what, where, when, why, how).

Have fun, be nice!

What today teaches: The Tower. When we are st…

What today teaches: The Tower.

When we are struck with peril we can run in fear and let terror overcome us. It is easy to submit to such harsh emotional energy that’s seeking a way out of us faster than we can provide for. This creates a state of panic. We have various ways of coping with tragedy or times of intensity.

This is not the only option. If we have kept ourselves fit and done well to prepare, these times can be welcoming. They test our will and resolve. Step into the frey and taste it. If you manage well then you are a warrior indeed.

The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot (1910, A.E. Waite and Pamela Colman Smith)

The Patreon deck of the month for November is …

The Patreon deck of the month for November is the Wooden Tarot. This deck can be intimidating at first, since no guidebook comes with this deck, but once you start exploring the meanings hidden in these cards, it’s a beautiful and wonderful deck to work with.

Daily group readings on Patreon are a little different than my normal social media readings. I got more into the imagery of the card, as well as my personal thoughts and feelings about the card. It’s more like a diary, and less like a generic read. Recently, I’ve started doing 3 card mind/body/spirit readings every Sunday, to help set the tone for the week. Patrons also gain access to exclusive readings every new moon.

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What’s Next? – Day 31 of the Month of Spreads …

What’s Next? – Day 31 of the Month of Spreads by @tarotprose

This is the first time I’ve ever completed some sort of challenge and I’m so happy. This was such a fun way to connect with tarot, and I’m definately going to be doing more of these in the future. Thank you so much @tarotprose !

What’s the next step in my divination journey?
6 of Pentacles

Where can I continue to incorporate divination into my everyday life?
Leader (King) of Wands reversed

How can I continue my growth as a reader?
2 of Wands reversed

Deck is the Mesquite Tarot

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Bad Thought Breaker – Day 30 of the Month of S…

Bad Thought Breaker – Day 30 of the Month of Spreads by @tarotprose

What thought is causing me the most distress?
4 of Swords

What is the root cause of this distress?
8 of Pentacles

Are there any underlying issues that are causing these thoughts to take hold of me?
Queen of Cups

What can I do to take back control over my negative thoughts?
The Empress reversed

Deck is the Golden Universal Tarot

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