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Too much Monday? De-Mondayfy yourself with some Reiki. Calms, relaxes, heals, energizes, and balances you, your Qi, and your chakras.  

Ivan loves Reiki. He knows it aligns, relaxes, and de-stresses him.  He seeks any opportunity he can get. #BeLikeIvan. Book your opportunity (cat optional).

Whether it’s Mercury Retrograde, the weather, or something else getting you stressed, Reiki can help. Don’t get stressed, get Reiki-ed. #BeLikeIvan

The Autumn vibe is getting stronger 😀 Anyone else counting down to Samhain (Hallowe’en)?

Want to feel #caturday relaxed all week long? Try Reiki

Need to relax? One of the many benefits of Reiki is an increase in peace and relaxation. Like Shiatsu for your Soul. Want to be like Ivan? Try some Reiki.

Sometimes, you just need a good snuggle…Happy Weekend, Lovelies.



Ivan in his morning contemplation… definitely need a warm coat like his to be outside today. Happy weekend, Lovelies