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Morning. Today we deal with Emotional Loss, Separation, and the New Beginnings
they bring
Tarot of the Day: Three of Swords

card represents the presence of old emotional pain and the mental anguish it
causes. This pain is likely due to conflict or loss in a relationship,
friendship, or family bond. 
It may be that you are caught in a loop of re-feeling pain from an old
situation, or that you are stuck in a present one and afraid of the pain you
may feel getting out of it.

This three
reminds you that you must deal with the pain honestly in order to move on. Find
a way to address the issues at the core of the situation and deal with them one
at a time. This will help you to feel the pain and deal with it without getting
stuck in it. 
Ignoring a broken bone won’t heal it and not addressing it causes other
problems; the same is true of emotional pain.

💚 In work or finances today, the presence of this card
speaks to disappointment. You may need to seek some guidance regarding your
approach. This is not permanent but it is time to take an unflinching look at
the situation and make some decisions about how to move forward.

💙 If love or a relationship is your focus today, know
that you are being guided to the relationship that is right for you – whether
that means connecting openly and honestly with your partner to improve or  repair the one you are in or, deciding to end
💙 If you are looking for a relationship, it is time to address
old wounds so they will stop impairing new relationships. Free yourself from
your past so you can move forward in a healthy way.

🧡 Wherever the Three speaks to your life today,
remember to release the fear so that “this, too, shall pass”. Reach out to friends, mentors, and the
Universe for support and guidance to heal and you will open a new path; the one
of truth and beauty that the Universe truly means for you. Embrace the future.

out, Lovelies…

Good morning, Lovelies!
Feeling Fulfilled, Generous, and Generally Accepting today?
Tarot of the Day: Nine of Cups

Although it usually refers
specifically to creative or spiritual endeavours that you have been working to
advance, the emotional balance and well-being this Nine heralds encompasses all
areas of your life. See and accept yourself, others, and the situation with
clarity, an open heart, and humour.

This 9 can mean that what
you are hoping for or manifesting will soon come into being. It is a sign that
what you are working toward will bring you true happiness, and a peaceful soul.
That work is necessary but this 9 is also
urging you to enjoy the pleasures of the senses – a reminder to “stop and
smell the roses”, to also enjoy the journey.

At work, you may find unexpected ‘good luck’; perhaps a creative
project that was stalled will begin to move forward, or a decision will be made
that benefits you…for example, your desk may be moved to accommodate business
function but you may like the new area more.

Nine reminds you to have fun and be more willing to open up
about what you wish for the future of your relationships. The kind of energy
you exude today can only deepen bonds and inspire positive experiences.

🧡 Wherever
the Nine is felt, today, serendipity is at work so, dream big and stay true to
your goal and you will accomplish it; fulfilment will be yours.

Peace out…

morning, Lovelies! Today is a day of Abundance, Creativity, and

Tarot of the Day: Three of Cups

is one of my most favourite cards to get. It represents great happiness; secure
joy that will last and be shared with those around you. It celebrates deep
friendship, and the beauty such friendship can create in your life. It usually
appears at the completion of a meaningful project or a marriage or birth.

is the overall feeling with this three. It’s a celebration not just of the
success but also of the different skills and traits each of you contributed to
the success; an honouring of the “tapestry”.

💚 In your career, this could
mean a promotion and/or an increase in remuneration. So, whether you are
looking for a job somewhere else or hoping to move up where you are, the
‘right’ people are about to see your efforts and reward them.

💙 In love, Three foretells of
the closure of past relationships in order to attain the next level of your
current relationship or, if you are currently single, a move forward in
preparation of a new relationship. This new depth comes to you because of the
personal growth you have worked to achieve and will be someone well suited to
the new levels you have reached.

🧡Wherever the Three speaks
to you, know that there is abundant energy gathering around this moment that
signifies you are approaching a new phase in your life; a phase which is yours
due to the effort you made to reach it. The work you have done is beginning to
influence your future, and the future holds abundance and celebration. Well
done, you!

Peace out…

Good morning! Today holds messages of Good News,
Creative Ideas, Unconditional Love
Tarot of the Day: Page of Cups

Each suit has its Page; its news-bringer and this one brings announcements of
shifting energies and playfulness. You have likely been taking yourself too
seriously or feeling victimised by the seriousness of a situation. 

This card tells you it’s time to take control of your approach. Change the way
you see and react to the situation and you’ll find things will begin to shift.
Relax, be open to happiness, love unconditionally, and know the difference
between taking yourself seriously and taking a situation seriously.

💚 At
work, the message refers to the new idea or the new view that an old or struggling
project/situation requires. Even if things have been flailing for years, apply
this new thinking/outlook and you will have success.

💙 In love, she
may be referring to a person you have dismissed because they are younger.
Remember that love does not know age; don’t judge them for it; see them as they
truly are and for how you feel when you are with them. Disregard any
preconceived notions you have about how others will react.

🧡 Overall,
this card is a message to change your view of a situation and focus your
energies in a more positive way. Today, be careful not to judge – not even
yourself. Reassess the need for serious consideration and, wherever you can,
play, dream, and have a little fun.
Peace out, Lovelies…