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Good Morning! Today is about Journeys, Triumph…

Morning! Today is about Journeys, Triumphs of Will, and Good News
Tarot of the Day: The Chariot

The Chariot
is about immense energy that is harnessed and directed with a definite goal in
mind. It’s a card of confidence, focus, and success. It depicts speedy
advancement and heralds good news; either in your success or being brought to
you. You may embark upon or complete a journey of emotional or spiritual
advancement, or of a physical movement – changing offices, desks, or even

If your
determination and ambition have brought you here and you know what you want and
what you are willing to do to get it, the time to move forward is now. If your
plans involve others, ensure that you are not moving forward so quickly that
you are ‘running roughshod over them’. Listen to both your heart and your
intellect because it’s their synchronicity that is making this moment so

💚  At work, don’t
let small issues get blown out of proportion. People may not ‘get’ where your
ideas are heading so do your best and don’t worry about how others perceive
you. Do you. The rest will work out in the end.

💙  If love is
your focus today, being pressured to go too far too fast is creating a
roadblock. Whether you are applying the pressure or, you are feeling the
pressure, today is a good time to be honest with yourself and your partner
about your boundaries and your view for the future.

🧡  Wherever the
Chariot appears for you today, “take the reins” and direct the energy
to your chosen, and successful end with the unwavering certainty of your
cause. You’ve got the power!
Peace out, Lovelies…

Good morning! Today’s messages are Steadfastne…

Good morning! Today’s
messages are Steadfastness, Honour, Practicality
Tarot of the Day: Knight of Pentacles

This Knight is
dependable, honourable, and trustworthy. He has undeniable common sense,
incredible determination, and various skills that include exercising patience
and being supportive of others. He tells you either to expect financial good
news from a dependable young man or that a situation requires you to utilise
these qualities in yourself.

Like the rest of the
Pentacles, the Knight often deals with money and finances. If these are your
issues, you can expect to hear good news regarding them. Considering his
practicality, it is unlikely that the news will be a lottery win, but he is
telling you that things will ease up and be OK. 
The security you need to pursue your ambitions will arrive.

💚  At work, tradition is
key. Work inside the accepted guidelines and structure in order to achieve,
today. If you are looking for work, today is the day to highlight your
grounded, dependable side. 

💙  If love is your focus, this
is the time for practicality. Focus on the duty and working together to build a
joint future. It sounds boring but what could be more romantic than creating a
life together? If you’re looking for love, reassess your ‘wishlist’; be sure
you are looking for the qualities that you truly want and that truly matter.

🧡  Overall, this Knight
assures a day of practical success, and positive messages, so stick to
tradition, set realistic goals, and you’ll rule the day.

Peace out, Lovelies…

Good morning, Lovelies. Today is a day for sha…

Good morning, Lovelies. Today is a
day for shaking off Boredom or Apathy, and Focussing on Potential

Tarot of the Day: Four of Cups

This is a card about ruts,
detachment, and re-evaluation. It points to a need to remove the blinders of
apathy, boredom, or dissatisfaction in order to see the possibilities before

Life is like a conversation. When
it’s your turn to contribute, it’s easy to be involved and present but when you
have nothing to add yet, it’s natural to gradually disengage. Sometimes, you
just step back because you’re too tired, or it’s not your topic. Either way, this
card speaks to a need find a topic and return to the conversation; your voice
has been missed.

💚 In
work, focus on the positive aspects of your situation and the gratitude for
what you have. Few people are happy with every aspect of their job – you’ll
feel less apathetic if you remind yourself of the aspects you truly appreciate.

If you want to change your job, be
sure your desire comes from it being the right time to do so.

💙 In
love, be honest with yourself about what you truly want. Are you filling a void
by being with someone who is not ‘the one’? Are you staying in a relationship
because of a rut? Is what you are expecting or seeking, realistic? Re-evaluate
to ensure you aren’t making decisions or concessions that are not for your
highest good.


you made a conscious decision to withdraw or it “just happened”, today is a
good day to return; to take a new approach in order to transform your
circumstances. Celebrate your return; buy yourself a bunch of flowers, listen
to your favourite song and SING ALONG…be present in the moment and enjoy.  

Peace out…

Good Morning! Today’s card is about Determinat…

Good Morning! Today’s card
is about Determination, Recklessness, and Passion
Tarot of the Day: Knight of Wands

Knights often herald a
change of direction or an infusion of transformative energy. With this Knight
that means a boost in your confidence, in your need to conquer or achieve, and
a desire for change. He is a maverick. Audacious, energetic, and a determined
leader, he is an individual of spontaneity, daring, and passion. He often
appears when you have been asking the Universe for change. You wished to
be out of your ‘rut’ and now your desire will be achieved in an unexpected way.

An opportunity for a
spontaneous decision may lead you to make a long journey or a permanent
relocation. They will both have their challenges but so does staying put. The
Knight tells you it’s a good time to go with your intuition so make the
decision your instincts tell you is right.

This is a good time for work issues. You may even get unexpected
positive feedback from management today – you are right to feel proud of your
If you are waiting for results from an interview or job prospect you are likely
to find the position is better than you hoped and is yours.

If you are in a relationship, today is a good day for listening
to your partner. Be spontaneous with your time and passionate in your
expression; make time to just ‘Be’ together. 
If you are looking for love, a possible connection through work may be the key;
likely someone with light hair.

Whether your change today is travel, moving, changing your
outlook, or simply relocating your desk, remember that today the Universe has
chosen to throw you a little surprise party and is giving you what you asked
for. “Hang onto your hat”, embrace it, and enjoy!
Peace out, Lovelies…

Good morning! Today’s card is about Energy, Co…

Good morning! Today’s card is
about Energy, Courage, and Conviction
Tarot of the Day: Strength

This card is about an inner
balance of strength. It suggests not just power but the capacity to exercise
great self-control in all matters. It speaks to an ability to manage your
impulses instead of be controlled by them, and an unshakeable resolve to see
things through to the desired end. Direct the energy to the greatest good of

Strength appears when you
need to be reminded that you are mind, body, and spirit and you may have been
so busy being strong on one or two of these aspects that you have forgotten the
other(s). With focus and willpower, you will balance all aspects for your
highest good.

Whether you are looking for a job or hoping for a promotion,
things are aligned for your success right now. Be strong and genuine in your
presentation. Don’t be afraid to go for what you want. If your workplace
doesn’t/can’t offer growth, now is the time to seize your confidence and start
looking elsewhere for what you deserve.

If you are in a relationship, Strength indicates a deep bond and
strong foundation. 
If you are looking for a relationship, this is a good time to get out and meet
people. Let your self-confidence show.

Strength is a card that indicates an opportunity to change your
life. Today is a day to grab a hold of your convictions, quiet your inner
fearful voice, and forge ahead.  Whether
that means tell truth to power, face down your inner demons, or just speak up
about something  You have what you need
to succeed so, go you!
Peace out, Lovelies…

Saw this deck on IG and was immediately tran…

Saw this deck on IG and was immediately transported to an illuminated book of classic fairy tales I had when I was  kid. That’s because Arthur Rackham was an incredible illustrator of that book. Love this deck and am superjazzed to include it in my practice. Welcome Rackham Tarot. I hope you’ll all love them, as well.

Good morning! Today’s messages are about Couns…

Good morning! Today’s
messages are about Counsel, Wisdom, Honour
Tarot of the Day: The Hierophant

The Hierophant
represents ancient wisdom, tradition, and higher learning. He speaks to a need
to review the core tenets of your beliefs- whether they be in doctrine or
natural law. He can also herald marriage or some other traditional

He appears when you may be
making decisions that are removed from your core beliefs, or, when you are
required to make a decision “for the greater good” instead of yourself.  He wants you to stay true to your nature;
review the key issues to ensure you are making decisions that are right for you
and everyone involved in the long run.

At work, The Hierophant indicates group work and getting back to
basics. Likely a project or situation is getting bogged down in ideas and
losing focus. Strip it down to the bare necessities and remember your original

If you are in a relationship, today may be a good time to think
and behave in a traditional way. If you are going on a first date, bring
flowers, if you are going to propose, get down on one knee…consider it a nod to
good old-fashioned romance.

Whether you have strayed from your core beliefs, got lost “thinking
outside the box”, or are just having a structured kind of day, success lies in
tradition and pragmatism, today so, go “old school”.

Peace out, OG… I
mean, Lovelies…

Good morning! Today’s focus is Compassion, Int…

Good morning! Today’s focus
is Compassion, Integrity, Wise and Balanced Energy
Tarot of the Day: King of Cups

The King of Cups is
a compassionate, warm, and gentle voice of reason. He is the worldly and calm
projection of authority and resonates with the balance of ‘male’ and ‘female’
energy. He is the embodiment of loving benevolence, gifted intuition, and infinite
spiritual knowledge.

He is most likely a
reference to someone who will aid you, today, in achieving or furthering your
goals. Likely an older man with medium to light or silver hair. Seek and
consider their advice.

If he represents
you, he speaks to a need to tap into your inner strength and let the lessons of
the past, not the issues, be your guide.

If work is your concern, know that your co-workers respect you
more than you may think. If you are feeling the need for advice on a project or
in advancing in your work, seek the advice of the male authority energy that
you respect. They will surely be in your corner.

If money has you
preoccupied, force yourself to look at the realities of your situation – you
may find you have more flexibility than you think. If you need help, don’t
afraid to seek it out.

Whether you are in a relationship or looking for one, few cards
are more loving than the King of Cups. He heralds warm, compassionate, and
satisfying pairings.

Overall, this King foretells an element of pure and true love in
your life. Nurture yourself, and allow others to nurture you. Know that you are
supported by the Universe in ways seen, and unseen.

Go, Do, BE…and feel
the love.

Peace out, Lovelies…

Good morning! Today we examine Regret, Outlook…

Good morning! Today we
examine Regret, Outlook, and Highest Good
Tarot of the Day: 5 of Cups

The Five of Cups tells you
it’s time to change your focus, free yourself from baggage from the past, and
move on. Regret, loss, and disappointment are natural feelings when something
you work or wish for doesn’t succeed but sometimes, you can get stuck in that
focus, forget what you DO have, and even miss the opportunity to move on to
greater things.

If you have been avoiding
the truth of something, it is time to face it. If you regret past behaviour and
have done everything you can to make amends, it’s time to let it go.
If you have been searching for closure on something and not finding it, this
may be the time to accept that closure, in the way you hoped for it, may not be
“in the cards” for this situation.

💚 This card can be a message that you are in the wrong job. If
you are finding things at work tense or you have to talk yourself into getting
there every day, now would be a good time to consider what you want to do
instead and put that in motion. 
If you are looking for work, delays are definitely going to happen so, keep
focussed on the positive. No news is good news, right now.

💙 If you have been looking for a relationship, consider taking a
step back for now. This is an excellent time to reassess your “wishlist” and
ensure it has what you really want for your highest good; one that is truly
meant for you is the only sustainable relationship.  

🧡 Wherever the Five speaks to you, today, the message is clear; embrace
your highest good, release the weight of the past, and begin to feel the
lightness of freedom. 
Peace out, Lovelies…

Good Morning! Today is about Completion, Satis…

Good Morning!
Today is about Completion, Satisfaction, and Growth
Tarot of the Day: The World

The World is
an indicator of inexorable change; change that is predestined and initiated by
the successful end to this cycle of your life. It is a good end to the old and
a desirable beginning to the new. Look to all areas of your life today and see
where things have grown stagnant and end the cycle.

This card
speaks of growing maturity, inner balance, and a deeper understanding of who
you are at your deepest core. It shows that you are well prepared to move
forward so do not give up now. You are getting closer to who you are at your
deepest core.

💚 At work, you may be working too hard for too little
return. Blow your own horn a little so the powers that be can see your
contributions. If you are feeling constricted by a lack of balance between pay
and responsibilities, do some research on similar positions elsewhere and
present it to your boss or consider changing companies.

💙 In love, this card speaks to hurdles successfully
overcome. Have you and your partner solved a large problem or passed a
relationship milestone? Acknowledge it for what you learned and move forward.

🧡 Whether a literal or spiritual journey, today’s
path was earned through hard work and will be a life changing event. Know that
the Universe is giving you what you asked and worked for so, trust it not to
turn you on your head without first providing a net. Enjoy the journey.
Peace out, Lovelies…