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Good morning! Today is about Ruts, Change, and…

Good morning! Today is
about Ruts, Change, and Energetic pressure
Tarot of the Day: Eight of Wands

This card signals you are
approaching an end of delays and being stuck by indecision – yours as well as
from others. Be patient a little longer; you’ve done all you can do now let
others do what they need to do to ensure the end you were hoping for and
working toward. 
Things are about to get very busy. Any projects you begin will move quickly, with
few if any, delays and the conclusion is likely to be successful.

This Eight signifies
movement of energy where there previously was none so look for that cosmic
*sigh* as the energy that was building but getting you nowhere, is released and
begins to draw you forward. Great news, great hope, speeding toward an end that
promises happiness. This can also represent the arrows of love.

Travel may be a key focus
in your relationship – either the mate you seek will be found in travel or, the
relationship you have will require a willingness to travel. Either way, go with
the flow, don’t force things to remain the same. Find and then focus on the

At work, you are likely
waiting for others to make decisions and it feels as though you are running and
not getting anywhere. 
Consider the adage that no news is good news; relax, don’t push, and you will
likely be happier with the outcome.

However your day begins
today, know that it will soon speed toward rewards with hope and momentum.
Happy trails, Lovelies!

Peace out…

Good morning Lovelies! Today we experience Enl…

Good morning Lovelies!
Today we experience Enlightenment, Vitality, and Joy
Tarot of the Day: The Sun

The Sun heralds vitality
and being filled with radiant joy, energy, invigoration, and good health. 
You are entering a time of enlightenment, confidence, and self-expression.
Truth is key to this time so be sure all your interactions are as truthful and
authentic as possible. 
It will be easy for you to see the beauty, joy, and happiness that can be found
in life so share those observations today – particularly with those who are
struggling to find them.

The Sun manifests
enlightened change and opportunities. It illuminates the details of your life,
showing you the truth, and bringing energy, solutions, and renewal to pending
issues. This is likely to give you a feeling of immense freedom and hope. If
you have been waiting for someone else’s decision before moving forward with
something, the Sun is a good sign that you will now be free to move ahead.

At work, this can mean you
will have an opportunity to shine. Remember to include in any credit or reward,
those who helped you succeed – even if you feel it was small
If you are looking for work, the Sun indicates a new job is right around the

If love is your focus
today, don’t be surprised if you are feeling particularly happy with and
attracted to your partner. Beam all that joy and warmth in their direction and
let them catch your fab mood! It’ll likely result in a sexy, celebratory
feeling between you…

The Sun brings its warm,
positive, energy to all aspects of your day and highlights all possibilities
for you. Embrace those possibilities today without hesitation – say yes to
Peace out…

Good morning. Today is about Teamwork, Diligen…

Good morning. Today is
about Teamwork, Diligence, and Success
Tarot of the Day: Three of Discs/ Pentacles

This card brings positive
messages in all areas of your life but, as is true of most of the Pentacles, it
speaks primarily to career and material reward for work.

You are well positioned for
your hard work and diligence to receive the recognition or reward that it
deserves. Keep focus. Build and rely on your team when it’s required; knowing
how to delegate and how to ask for help are skills not weaknesses.

You may not get a pat on the
back or be aware that your effort has been recognized but the outcome will show
you that it has. This is the time to master your trade in order to obtain
material rewards, a lasting sense of accomplishment, and opportunities to
expand both.

If you are looking for a
relationship, have patience – the work you are doing on yourself and your life
is more successful than you think. The right person is out there for the self
that you are becoming; allow your higher self to choose.

Whether in a physical or metaphysical
area of your life, the Three tells you to, remain diligent, keep working as you
have been, and rely on others now and again…the benefits will soon be

Peace out, Lovelies…

Good morning! Today is about Optimism, Chang…

Good morning! Today is about Optimism, Change, and Beginnings

Tarot of the Day: The Fool
The Fool is a card chiefly about living in the moment in its purest sense. Only when you are present without looking to the past or worrying about the future, can you be completely open to whatever may occur in that moment. Because of The Fool’s willingness to be the first to try something, to take a leap of faith, or to look foolish, she has nearly endless opportunities for growth and transformation.
Today, she reminds you to take a chance that may change your life. Open your heart, allow your intuition to assist you, and accept that it’s OK to make a mistake – especially when you make it whilst trying to fully live your life. Every wonderful thing that life can bring us came with change.

At work, The Fool may indicate that coworkers don’t understand your approach. Stir their support and optimism by explaining in a different way. Trust them with details of how you came to it; let them see your process so they can identify on a personal level.
If you have been considering working for yourself, this card may indicate that the research and planning stages are complete and the time has come to take the leap.

If you have been considering a deeper commitment in your relationship or been feeling pressure to make one, this is a good time to consider why. Consider what is stopping you and whether it should; are you taking issues too seriously or too lightly? If there are real issues, this may be the time to resist taking such a leap unless/until the issues can be resolved.

Whether she comes to you because you are at the end of something or because you are wondering how to begin a new path, hear this message of openness. Choose the change, trust the Universe, Choose YOU.

Peace out, Lovelies…

Good morning, Lovelies! Feeling Fulfilled, Gen…

Good morning, Lovelies!
Feeling Fulfilled, Generous, and Generally Accepting today?
Tarot of the Day: Nine of Cups

Although it usually refers
specifically to creative or spiritual endeavours that you have been working to
advance, the emotional balance and well-being this Nine heralds encompasses all
areas of your life. See and accept yourself, others, and the situation with
clarity, an open heart, and humour.

Sometimes referred to as
the ‘wish card’, it means that what you are hoping for and dreaming about will
soon come into being. It is a portent of joy, happiness, contentment, and wish
fulfilment, but also an urging to enjoy the pleasures of the senses – a
reminder that although work is needed to fulfil your goal, you should enjoy the
positive energies working in you today…“stop and smell the roses”

At work, you may find
unexpected ‘good luck’; perhaps a creative project that was stalled will begin
to move forward, or a decision will be made that benefits you…for example,
your desk may be moved to accommodate business function but you may like the
new area more.

Nine reminds you to have
fun and be more willing to open up about what you wish for the future of your
relationships. The kind of energy you exude today can only deepen bonds and
inspire positive experiences.

Wherever the Nine is felt,
today, serendipity is at work so, dream big and stay true to your goal and you
will accomplish it; fulfilment will be yours.

Peace out…

Good morning, Lovelies. Today is about Loyalty…

Good morning,
Lovelies. Today is about Loyalty, Balance, and Decision
Tarot of the Day: Two of Swords

This card
represents being caught in the middle of a dilemma; two apparently equal
decisions and therefore stalled in the middle with no clear outcome. It’s time
to cut through all but the salient facts and decide. Both choices are likely favourable
in some way and the indecision itself is giving it more drama.

This is
likely to be a need to choose loyalty without knowing all the details or a
greater good even though some of the details make you uncomfortable. A
compromise will be beneficial if possible. If not, identify your greatest
challenge and your desired end and choose the path that gets you there.

At work, you may
be stuck waiting for a decision to be made that is out of your hands. Things
are likely to work in your favour if you resist the urge to push and let those
involved come to a compromise.

If you are in
a relationship, a need for equality is paramount, today. If you and your love
are feeling tension, step back and find a way to compromise. 
If your love life is messy or you are not in a relationship, this is the time
to review your situation. A true life partner is not a chore or a project. A
life partner comes to you when you have dealt with your key issues; they are
the icing on the cake of your complete life. Do not look outside yourself for
happiness and then the relationship you want and need will come.

Wherever you
feel Two’s influence today, remember there is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ in everything so
be fair, practical, and honest in your dealings with others and yourself and you
will maintain the balance and peace you require.
Peace out…

Good morning, Lovelies. Today is about Balance…

Good morning, Lovelies.
Today is about Balance, Flexibility, Prudence
Tarot of the Day: Two of Pentacles/Discs

This is a card of
perception and balance; the right choice, the strongest approach, and the inner
and the outer views – balancing spirit with practical life demands. It denotes
a need for wisdom, meditation, or consultation to see all sides and then
This Two often appears when there is a need to keep two broad areas of your
life in balance; money and health, love and work, etc. Multi-tasking is
not likely to work today so take a step back from all the things you are
‘juggling’ and choose the two most pressing things to prioritize.

This is also a card of
partnership and fluctuating wealth. Pay particular attention to work and whatever
endeavours you have going that affect your finances; there may need to be a
better balance there to keep them growing. You may have to take a risk where
your finances are concerned but don’t worry overmuch as long as your foundation
is solid.

If you are in a
relationship, you and your partner may be finding it challenging to get time
and energy to focus on one another. Ensure that you keep your relationship high
on the priority list and that it isn’t getting lost in the juggling – balance
time and be flexible.

If you are looking for a
relationship be sure that you are truly ready. Finding a partner should not be
your chief priority but neither, should you be seeking a partner before you are
willing to dedicate the time, space, and energy to put romance in your life.

Two of Pentacles/Discs
reminds you that whatever you feel you are juggling today, will all succeed;
keep body, mind, and spirit balanced and nourished, and all will turn out well.
Peace out…

Good morning, Lovelies! Today is about Renewal…

Good morning, Lovelies!
Today is about Renewal, Moderation, and Healing
Tarot of the Day: Temperance

Temperance is a card about
balance, and the alchemy or delicate blend of energy and focus required to keep
all relationships in your life on the right track. You may find a need to try
several approaches to things before you find the balance that works for you.

In a general way, you are
likely feeling a comfortable balance of energy in yourself and all your
relationships. This may be a good time to focus on deeper personal issues you
have been putting aside; now would be the perfect time to work through them and
integrate them in the balance; to heal.

At work, this card notes a
need for patient and diligent work. Aiming high is good but Temperance reminds
you to ensure you’re aiming at a realistic target. Keep working as you have
been and you will soon be noticed for your achievements.

Whether you are in a
relationship or not, Temperance highlights a need to rebalance yourself. Find your
inner peace, heal what needs healing, forgive others and yourself, and let go
so you can move forward

You are perfectly poised to
rein in the energy you need and channel it toward your highest good. Wherever
you decide that will be, do it with courage and the knowledge that the Universe
supports your endeavours to embrace your highest good and highest healing.
Peace out…

Good morning! Today’s messages are about Couns…

Good morning! Today’s
messages are about Counsel, Wisdom, Honour
Tarot of the Day: The Hierophant

The Hierophant
represents ancient wisdom and counsel. He speaks to a need to review the core
tenets of your beliefs- whether they be in doctrine or natural law. He can also
herald marriage or some other traditional ceremony/contract.

He appears when you find
yourself in a situation where you may be making decisions that are removed from
your core beliefs. He wants you to return to your nature; review the origins of
your beliefs and ensure you are making the decisions that are right for you and
everyone involved in the long run. Seek counsel from someone who is a spiritual
teacher/mentor for you to ensure you are getting what you need.

At work, The Hierophant
indicates group work and getting back to basics. Likely a project or situation
is getting bogged down in ideas and losing focus. Strip it down to the bare
necessities and remember where you want to take it.

If you are in a
relationship, today may be a good time to think and behave in a traditional
way. If you are going on a first date, bring flowers, if you are going to
propose, get down on one knee…consider it a nod to good old-fashioned romance.

The Hierophant
speaks to convention so ensure you are acting honourably and decently not only
by the standards you have set for yourself by also by the standards others will
expect you to have.

He reminds you that
you have a ‘touchstone’ for your beliefs and regardless of how or why you’ve
‘wandered off’, dig deep, seek counsel, and you’ll get back to ‘you’.

Peace out, Lovelies…

Good morning, Lovelies. Today is a day for sha…

Good morning, Lovelies. Today is a
day for shaking off Boredom or Apathy, and Focussing on the Positive

Tarot of the Day: Four of Cups

This is a card about wishful
thinking; of lingering so long in “what could be” that you no longer
see “what is”. Perhaps you lingered too long in introspection, or
ignored a rut you have been in and now you see no clear path out of it. Maybe
you are simply focussing too much on plans you made for the future and the
melancholy or disappointment at them still seeming far away.

This appearance shows a need to
re-evaluate some area of your life or possibly that you are just settling for
where you are and with opportunities having been missed.If you return to the
present  you can find your way back to the positive.

In work, focus on the positive
aspects of your situation and to be grateful for what you have. Few people are
happy with every aspect of their job – you’ll feel less apathetic if you focus
on the parts you do like.

 In love,remember to be realistic and
honest with yourself about what you truly want. Are you filling a void by being
with someone who is not ‘the one’? Are you staying in a relationship because of
a rut? Is what you are looking for, realistic?

 Take a new approach in order to
transform your circumstances, today. Buy yourself a bunch of flowers, listen to
your favourite song and SING ALONG…be present in the moment and enjoy.

Your life is good; it’s just a rut on
a grey day.

Embrace the positive, and you will
turn it around.

Peace out…