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Good morning! Today is about Energy, Courage, …

Good morning! Today is
about Energy, Courage, and Willpower
Tarot of the Day: Strength

This card is about an inner
balance of strength. It suggests not just power but the capacity to exercise
great self-control in all matters. It speaks to an ability to manage your
impulses instead of be controlled by them, and an unshakeable resolve to see
things through to the desired end. Direct the energy to the greatest good of

Strength appears when you
need to be reminded that you are mind, body, and spirit and you may have been
so busy being strong on one or two of these aspects that you have forgotten the
other(s). With focus and willpower, you will balance all aspects for your
highest good.

Whether you are looking for
a job or hoping for a promotion, things are aligned for your success right now.
Be strong and genuine in your presentation. Don’t be afraid to go for what you
want. If your workplace doesn’t/can’t offer growth, now is the time to seize
your confidence and start looking elsewhere for what you deserve.

If you are in a
relationship, Strength indicates a deep bond and strong foundation. 
If you are looking for a relationship, this is a good time to get out and meet
people. Let your self-confidence show.

Strength is a card that
indicates an opportunity to change your life. Wherever and however that may be,
embrace the opportunity. You have what you need to succeed. You are strong
enough – maybe even stronger than you think.
Peace out, Lovelies…

Good morning! Today is about Perseverance and …

Good morning! Today is
about Perseverance and Long-term Successes
Tarot of the Day: Seven of Wands

You are likely to find
yourself in some sort of a competitive situation today. Things are going well
right now thanks to your hard work and planning, and the support of the
Universe so be secure in the knowledge that you will come out on top.

Likely, this competition or
conflict will be related to your stated views or plan. Don’t hesitate to be
clear with people about where you stand. See the challenge to your views as an
opportunity to make your plan clear to others. 
You will likely help someone by spelling it out for them. Your thinking is
clear and will bring about positive change so if you have moments of
self-doubt, now is the time for true courage – feel the fear but do it anyway.

This Seven points to
successes from being independent and thinking for yourself so,if you have been
considering becoming self-employed this is an excellent time to take the next
step in the process.

If love is your focus, this
card reminds you to continue to speak your mind and be yourself in your
relationship. Be sure you aren’t simply going with the flow; that is an
excellent way to lose yourself.
If you are looking for love, be your authentic self but be it in different
places than usual. Change is good…

Regardless of its position in your life today, the Seven of
Wands tells you that sometimes, being yourself and stating your mind can cause
bumps in the road, but you will get past all of them as long as what you
present is genuine. 
You have the skills and reserves required to get past anything; big or small,
and to embrace any change it may bring so, be yourself.

Peace out…

Good morning, Lovelies! Today is about Passion…

Good morning, Lovelies!
Today is about Passion, Celebration, the Momentum of Focussed Energy
Tarot of the Day: Four of Wands

The Four of Wands is what I
call a ‘feel good’ card. No matter when it turns up in a reading or what the
question was about, this card means good things. It’s a card of good endings
and fresh starts; of celebration, harmony, and achievement.

You have likely been
feeling the energy build in a situation and it has left you feeling stressed,
anxious, or even trapped. The Four indicates the cycle will soon come to end in
your favour and for your highest good. Until then, redirect your excess passion and energy
to create, build, or transform you and/or your life.

At work, enjoy the success
and the fun that comes with it but remember not to rest on your laurels for too
long. Once success is achieved, work is needed to maintain it.

If you are looking for a
romantic partner, try attending parties, celebrations, or family events; the
positive, celebratory energy may draw the perfect mate for you.
If you are in a relationship, a potential for deeper commitment is here;
possibly marriage.

Overall, the Four of Wands indicates
the final stretch before a successful transition in your life. It brings with
it feelings of happiness, balance, creativity, passion, and forward progression
toward good things to come. There’ll be work ahead tomorrow; today, enjoy those
feelings. Go, Do, Be.

Peace out…

Good morning! Today is about Ruts, Change, and…

Good morning! Today is
about Ruts, Change, and Energetic pressure
Tarot of the Day: Eight of Wands

This card signals you are
approaching an end of delays and being stuck by indecision – yours as well as
from others. Be patient a little longer; you’ve done all you can do now let
others do what they need to do to ensure the end you were hoping for and
working toward. 
Things are about to get very busy. Any projects you begin will move quickly, with
few if any, delays and the conclusion is likely to be successful.

This Eight signifies
movement of energy where there previously was none so look for that cosmic
*sigh* as the energy that was building but getting you nowhere, is released and
begins to draw you forward. Great news, great hope, speeding toward an end that
promises happiness. This can also represent the arrows of love.

Travel may be a key focus
in your relationship – either the mate you seek will be found in travel or, the
relationship you have will require a willingness to travel. Either way, go with
the flow, don’t force things to remain the same. Find and then focus on the

At work, you are likely
waiting for others to make decisions and it feels as though you are running and
not getting anywhere. 
Consider the adage that no news is good news; relax, don’t push, and you will
likely be happier with the outcome.

However your day begins
today, know that it will soon speed toward rewards with hope and momentum.
Happy trails, Lovelies!

Peace out…

Good morning, Lovelies! Today is about Uniting…

Good morning, Lovelies!
Today is about Uniting Energies, Harmony, Love
Tarot of the Day: The Lovers

This card indicates Love
creating a union of two definitive parts. A union of people, energies,
conflicting ideas, or even, parts of yourself.

It also indicates the need
to reconcile your emotions over what will change because of the union and what
you will have to let go in order to unite two into one. Your heart or your
head, money or spirit, past or present; whatever the choice, look at it with
love and choose what your heart desires.

At work, weigh all sides of
a situation before making a decision; what appears initially to be a poor
option, may turn out to be best in the long run. If your decision pertains to
romance in the workplace, think twice and see all sides before committing.

Whether a new relationship
is arriving or deepening, or a long-term relationship is experiencing a
powerful re-bonding, you will be feeling the bliss of a deep connection. Be
open, loving, and peaceful. Let love change you and your world for the better.

Question everything and
then listen to your heart. The right choice will be made if you have accepted
others and yourself. Where the choice brings you joy, let it radiate through
you; spread the love.
Peace out…

Good morning, Lovelies! Today is a day of Stab…

Good morning,
Lovelies! Today is a day of Stability, Happiness, and Financial Gain
Tarot of the Day: Ace of Discs/Pentacles

The Ace of
Pentacles heralds a very positive new beginning that will further your efforts
in many aspects of your life. This will give you a sense of luck and happiness
that will increase your health, finances, and outlook. This will likely be
financial, and sometimes it can even indicate gifts of money from unexpected

Projects or
plans in which you have invested time, energy, and/or money will all benefit
from this serendipity, showing you that you have been on the right path. The
gains you will receive will improve your life on all levels.

At work, this
Ace speaks to a new position or a new set of responsibilities coming to you –
whether you were looking for that or not – and point to you being well and
justly compensated. 
If you have been considering seeking a new job, now is a good time to start the

If you do
receive an influx of cash today, spend happily, share generously, and put some
away for a rainy day.

Whether you
are looking for love or already have it, expect a new phase in your
relationship status. This is a very positive time to re-connect with your
partner or, to meet new people. Share the positive energy and have fun.

Today is a
result of your energy and effort; a manifestation of your hard work, hope, and
focus. It will be rich with optimism, luck, positive energy, and hope. Embrace
it, and share the wealth.
Peace out…

Good morning! Today is about Energy, Purpose, …

Good morning! Today is
about Energy, Purpose, Resolution. 
Tarot of the Day: King of Wands

The King of Wands is
a charismatic, confident, and wise figure of authority. He is the worldly voice
of knowledge gained through experience and resonates with adventurous, creative
energy. He is the embodiment of natural leadership, gifted mediation, and masterful
at energetic focus.

He is most likely a
reference to someone who will aid you, today, in achieving or furthering your
goals. Likely an older man with light or silver hair, who will assist you in
directing today’s abundant energy for your highest good.

If he represents
you, he speaks to a need to tap into your inner strength and let the lessons of
the past, not the issues, be your guide.

At work, you may find
yourself aided in solving a dispute. Be open to the advice of those you trust –
even if the are a little rough around the edges. This King can also herald a
possible financial windfall – likely a result of an idea you fostered or a
creative project you started. 
If you’ve ever considered starting your own business, this can be a sign that
the time is ripe so foster that possibility with research and plant the seeds.

There is romance in
simplicity and truth. You may feel a wave of gratitude and protectiveness for
your partner today. If so, take the time to tell them. If you are in a
relationship where work or obstacles regarding work have made your relationship
harder, now is a good time to tell them how much you appreciate their support
and willingness to adapt.

Whether he represents the
energy surrounding you today or a literal person in it, King of Wands will have
you feeling ambitious and goal -oriented. Go with it – you have the support and
the wherewithal to achieve; think positively and dream big – fortune favours
the bold.

Peace out, Lovelies…

Good morning, Lovelies. Today’s message is abo…

Good morning, Lovelies.
Today’s message is about Skill, Diplomacy, Powerful Energy
Tarot of the Day: The Magician

The Magician
represents intelligent and skilful communication; whether that be communication
with people or communing with nature, the elements, or the other side of the
veil. This card is a very powerful, positive omen. Its presence is about making
higher, and better use of all of one’s power; spiritual, emotional, and
otherwise. This is another card that often signifies new beginnings and great

In areas where you
have been feeling there is no movement or feeling powerless, this card lets you
know, that time is at an end. Today, creativity will increase and improve your
Pay attention to synchronicity; no matter how “small” the
‘coincidence’ know that it is the Universe clearing your path to give you the
knowledge, strength, and inspiration you need.

This is the perfect time to find a new job or to ask for and
receive a promotion. If your work is in a creative field, you’ll find your
ideas will be met with excellent comprehension and may lead you to “bigger
and better things.”

you’re in a relationship, today you are likely to see new or deeper levels of
commitment and joy.

If you are in the market for a new romance, this is a great time to meet
someone new.  This is
an excellent time to “get out and meet people.”

The Magician seeks
to remind you that you have the power to make a difference, in your life and in
the greater world. Focus your energy, believe in yourself, and watch things

Peace out…

Good morning, Lovelies. Today the message is a…

Good morning, Lovelies.
Today the message is about Craftsmanship, Skill, Creativity
Tarot of the Day: Eight of Discs/Pentacles

The Eight differs
from the other Pentacles in that it speaks to the spiritual and esoteric
rewards of refining your skills; less to the financial reward for them. It
speaks to the application of knowledge and creativity to a utilitarian task;
the difference between making a sturdy shelf that works and making a beautiful
sturdy shelf that works.

If you are looking for a
job it shows a desirable career that tests your skills and develops new skills. 
In current employment, it suggests an increase in workload – use discretion and
take a balanced approach.
In finance, it suggests that you may receive financial assistance. Be prudent
with these resources. They come to you because of work not luck so do not
gamble with them – be practical and think long term.

In a relationship,
this card can indicate the workload of you or your partner may be getting in
the way. Try to strike a balance between both; work to ensure that your
relationship is as spiritually rewarding as your workplace.

Wherever the Eight
of Pentacles fits into your day, it’s letting you know that you have the skill
required, now comes the refining and honing of them. By developing your
talents, you will find success in your efforts; investing in yourself now will lead
to greater rewards later.

Peace out…

Good morning! Today’s messages are about Couns…

Good morning! Today’s
messages are about Counsel, Wisdom, Honour
Tarot of the Day: The Hierophant

The Hierophant
represents ancient wisdom and counsel. He speaks to a need to review the core
tenets of your beliefs- whether they be in doctrine or natural law. He can also
herald marriage or some other traditional ceremony/contract.

He appears when you find
yourself in a situation where you may be making decisions that are removed from
your core beliefs. He wants you to return to your nature; review the origins of
your beliefs and ensure you are making the decisions that are right for you and
everyone involved in the long run. Seek counsel from someone who is a spiritual
teacher/mentor for you to ensure you are getting what you need.

At work, The Hierophant
indicates group work and getting back to basics. Likely a project or situation
is getting bogged down in ideas and losing focus. Strip it down to the bare
necessities and remember where you want to take it.

If you are in a
relationship, today may be a good time to think and behave in a traditional
way. If you are going on a first date, bring flowers, if you are going to
propose, get down on one knee…consider it a nod to good old-fashioned romance.

The Hierophant
speaks to convention so ensure you are acting honourably and decently not only
by the standards you have set for yourself by also by the standards others will
expect you to have.

He reminds you that
you have a ‘touchstone’ for your beliefs and regardless of how or why you’ve
‘wandered off’, dig deep, seek counsel, and you’ll get back to ‘you’.

Peace out, Lovelies…