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Queen of Cups reversed.

One who is that “sad drunk” paranoid and lost in a deep inner struggle. They are seperate from reality, and seem to have an inability to respond to others around them because they are preoccupied with processing themselves. The mind becomes heavy, vacuous, and cannibalistic.

This is a drowning, struggling to find emotional and mental land to stand on. Ruled by Cancer, this Queen should find the socialite Gemini within and connect with the outside world to find that firm footing.

Speak out. Find other people who you trust and say how you feel. The more you hold back the more you do yourself a disservice. The more you connect the inner turmoil with outwardly spoken or written word the more you release yourself from this conflict.

🃏 Tarot de Marseilles 🃏

Yesterday, everything was going well when I suddenly was overwhelmed with a random fit of depression. I’m not quite sure why or where it came from. It was hard and heavy… I pretty much stopped functioning for the day. Depression is weird and happens, even when things are going well I guess.

I asked: what, why, and advice. Looks like I really am just way inside my head. I overwhelm myself with the constant generation of ideas. Under the influence of the moon, if those thoughts are about things that stress me out or set me down a bad path… well that can get ugly. I guess I know now that I need vulnerability in these times. I need to connect and talk it out, even if it’s ugly and nonsensical.

Well, I’m feeling much better today 🙇‍♂️

The Hermetic Tarot (1980, Godfrey Dowson)