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Could you say no to this face? Yeah…me neither.⁠
Elly likes to start the day laying like this while I peruse social media. ⁠

Ivan loves Reiki. He knows it aligns, relaxes, and de-stresses him.  He seeks any opportunity he can get. #BeLikeIvan. Book your opportunity (cat optional).

Whether it’s Mercury Retrograde, the weather, or something else getting you stressed, Reiki can help. Don’t get stressed, get Reiki-ed. #BeLikeIvan

Trying to get some work done but Elly has decided it’s snuggle time…

Good morning! Today is
about Respite, Healing, Releasing Control
Tarot of the Day: Four of Swords

The Four of Swords is
an indicator that you need to take a break. This could be during a conversation
to prevent it becoming an argument, taking a “mental health” day, or
an indicator that the pressures of a deep learning period or long struggle will
ease up.

This is the ideal
time to step back and let all your work and intentions take root. You may find
it hard to wait for the results and release control, but remember that there is
always time between planting and harvesting; don’t push. Instead, accept this
time as an opportunity to rest. A mentor of mine called this the “3
R’s” – Retreat, Regroup, and Return.

💚 At work, things may not be going as you wish but don’t push
harder or take the conflict personally. This is the time for perspective. Take
the day off if you can, take a long lunch, or simply take a moment to breathe
and center yourself when you can.

💙 If you’ve been feeling a bit physically or emotionally disconnected
from your partner, today is an ideal day for a mini vacation. Alone or
together, take a break from the daily grind and reconnect with yourselves and
each other. Leave any unfinished issues behind; today is not the day to push
forward or force a conversation. Take the time you need to regroup so you know
what you move forward with will be genuine.

🧡 Overall, this Four indicates a need for boundaries, and rest. However you achieve it, know that not
only are you deserving of this peace, but it is also necessary in order for
things to move ahead. You’re being offered a sojourn – accept it, enjoy it, and
return rested.

Peace out, Lovelies

Sometimes, you just need a good snuggle…Happy Weekend, Lovelies.

If you hate puns, don’t read this! This is Elly. She loves energy. Happy Friday, Lovelies!

Happy Friday, humans!

It’s a long weekend here, and Ivan is SO ready… Happy Friday, Lovelies!

Sometimes we just need a snuggle. Seems a lot of people have been feeling that way the last couple days. This too, shall pass; in the meantime, snuggle a friend and know you aren’t the only one