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Sometimes, this is the best of all possible responses. We got this. Happy Friday, Lovelies.

Sometimes, the line between danger and worry is blurred. Be sure to fight for yourself when its needed. Be brave for yourself, your plans, your future.

I love re-purposing things. I needed a stand for a crystal sphere and this wrought iron rod end needed new life so, a little paint, a little felt, some velvet, a small tweak or two and here it is. Now I just need two more in a smaller size… any ideas?

Pack your baggage, Lovelies, it’s take out the past day. All that ‘stuff’ you’ve been dragging around that’s been making its weight known the last week, is ready to go if you let it. What will you make space for?

My last post of 2019, Lovelies. Wishing you all a very happy, healthy, New Year filled with everything to make your heart sing.

Good morning, Lovelies! Aren’t those blues and golds, sumptuous? Hope your day is bright and beautiful.⁠

Happy Friday, Lovelies! The winner of the Buy one get Entered to Win draw has been notified via email (to respect their privacy). Thank to all who entered!Stay tuned! More opportunities will be popping up!

I hope Lord Tennyson is correct. Happy 2020

Happy Winter Solstice, Lovelies

Fullest at 12:12 am ET tomorrow so there’s still a good 11 hours to give those rock babies their last moon bath of 2019!