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Wishing everyone a safe and peaceful long weekend filled with love, sharing, and community  

Recently got back from a trip with family in the Salt Lake City area. It’s always so taxing and difficult. I find myself slipping into old habits I thought I grew out of.

2 of Swords reversed tells me the situation is on the brink of war, and that a compromise between myself and the rest of my family can no longer be supported in the way it has before.

FORTUNE indicates the difficulty lies in changing the tide and getting the upper hand in the way family law is ratified. Changing the judges and juries within the family is a momentous challenge.

Knight of Swords reversed advises dumping all thoughts onto the family and exacerbating the discourse of family functions. This one is a bit difficult for me as I play a passive role usually; But, my family consists of “intellectuals” so that may be the best channel I can get through to them. Dish out some deception? Destruction? Possibly.

Maybe there has to be war, before you can claim what you previously thought was peace.

The Aquarian Tarot (1970, David Palladini)