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Ace of Wands reversed. An inversion of will-power, one that’s mismanged and a poor shot. Rushing to a climax without regard to details or dynamic components.

Focus. Going from 0 to 100 is a disaster. It’s all about feeling the delicate transition through stages. Shift through all gears contiguously and give each level your focused attention. Very much a form of foreplay, it serves a valuable purpose.

Don’t jump to the end right away, you’ve only just begun. Enjoy the process, savor each step. 🃏 Tarot de Marseilles 🃏

Asking for an archetype to emulate to get out of a mental/emotional slump.

King of Swords.

Everything is a matter of logistics and order. Stop focusing on the “is this my life now” and start problem solving. Emotions are no longer being helpful in my mission, I should compartmentalize and develop plans to execute. Be frank and direct with people, be honest, even if at times brutal.

The Golden Thread Tarot (Tina Gong)

Not all plans follow through to fruition. Calculating our own destinies can be pointless especially when we work in solitude or secrecy expecting things from others.

Connecting with people is a way into control. You can manage risk by knowing your people and being up front with them. Pulling strings from behind may just leave you tangled.

🃏 7 of Swords, The Aquarian Tarot (David Palladini)

Trying to get more comfortable with my face 😳

Knight of Pentacles reversed. Productivity in decline. Daydreaming and idleness. Boredom and frustration.

When it comes to work and projects it seems like things struggle to move along. Should I wait for the path to clear itself, or should I thrust a bunch of energy into things to clear a path?